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BIOCIDE SYSTEMS - Non-Toxic Odor Eliminator

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The Bio-Shocker Odor Eliminator from Biocide Systems is easy to use, simply shake, add water and walk away – requires no hazardous material or safety equipment. It is Non-Toxic & Eco-friendly, leaves no harmful residue to clean up and is non-carcinogenic. Non-aerosol and 100% biodegradable and releases no VOCs or carcinogens into our environment. It is also Cost-effective and Non-labour-intensive, reducing man-hours.

CONSOL GLASS - Locally Manufactured

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Greenstuff in collaboration with Water Purification Solutions have developed a water solution for restaurants. Rather than invest in imported equipment and bottles, Water Purification have designed a filtration and sanitisation plant especially for kitchens and Consol have chosen a range of South African manufactured bottles for you to decant either still or carbonated filtered water. Customers are beginning to resist plastic bottles; especially those with a hefty carbon footprint.

DERMATANICAL - No Flush Toilet Bowl Spray

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Dermatanical No Flush Toilet Bowl Spray made from pure essential oils is environmentally friendly. Two sprays into the toilet bowl neutralises smells associated with the “mellow yellows” thus saving water by reducing the need to flush. There are no chemical or disinfectant smells, just the lingering smell of your essential oil choice. Ingredients: denatured alcohol, purified water and Vita Citrus or Rose essential oil.


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Maintenance free EASYIVY® will reduce your water bill, requires no pruning or fertilizing and is pest free.   It provides instant privacy and can be used in a number of different areas and formats including interior and exterior use.

EcoSmart™ - Cost-effective Renewable Energy Solutions

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We are South Africa’s leading specialists to supply and install cost-effective renewable energy solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial customers. With electricity prices set to continually rise, we are fully committed to making our world green.   

FANUTE - Ultra-low Water Washing Machines

Fanute is the Southern African distributor of the Hydrofinity range of ultra-low water industrial washing machines. These industrial machines use a proprietary polymer technology to reduce the water required to wash dirty linen, with thousands of small polymer beads (known as XOrbs) placed into the wash drum during the wash process. The XOrbs deliver a significant improvement in the environmental impact of laundry, with an 80% reduction in water usage and an over 90% reduction in electricity usage compared to standard industry machines, while providing superior cleaning results and improved fabric care. The Hydrofinity machines are available in two models: 36KG dry weight and 20KG dry weight. Data sheets are available on request.

FLUSHY SA - Water Saving Innovation

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SA is a water scare country and we have to save this dwindling resource where we can. Flushy SA, is a water saving innovation that essentially retrofits older (single/front) flush water waster systems which can use up to 15 litres of potable water in every single flush! Once installed, the Flushy is proven to save up to 50% of the water used. No need to do a costly replacement of the entire system, all that is required is the little big water saver, the Flushy.

GEBERIT - Wall Hung Toilets And Electronic Taps

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Geberit produces highly developed, reliable, sustainable, and optimally coordinated sanitary and piping systems. Environmental aspects are taken into consideration as early as the initial phase of the development process. Eco-Design as the key to environmentally friendly products ensures that the most environmentally friendly materials as possible are used, that risks are minimized and a high efficiency of resources is achieved. Eco-Design workshops include a systematic product analysis during all life phases, the involvement of statutory requirements as well as the analysis of competitor products. Life cycle assessments for products are valuable decision-making aids in this respect.

GREENLIGHT - Shower Water Savings Products

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Water saving shower heads are one of the smartest investments you can make in your business. Not only do they reduce water consumption, but by reducing hot water flow, they save electricity consumption of geysers. We highly recommend the Oxygenics range of shower heads, with technology that not only reduces water flow rate but also accelerates the water to maintain a comfortable, high pressure shower experience. A good shower will give you a strong flow of water, create a feeling of luxury and warmth, but this comes at a price – the average household shower uses 15 to 25 litres per minute of water. A 5-minute shower can use as much as 125 litres of water.  With the Oxygenics range you can reduce water consumption while maintaining guest satisfaction.

GREENLIGHT - Tap Water Savings Products

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Do you want to turn the taps of your business into an elegant, hygienic, water saving feature?  The average basin tap is used for about a minute at a time.  But have you ever considered how much water is used in that minute?  The average bathroom tap uses between 10 and 15 liters per minute. HiHippo Aerators are highly recommendable in areas where hygiene is of critical importance.  The One Touch functions ensures limited touching of tap handles, thereby reducing the spread of bacteria.  We stock both the One Touch On, One Touch Off and the One Touch On, Auto Off. For guest rooms, we recommend the Neoperl Mikado Aerator Insert, which reduces the flow rate to 1.4 liters per minute, while producing an attractive spray pattern. For public bathrooms, the use of the Neoperl Atomiser would reduce the water flow rate to 0.25lpm, while providing sufficient water to wash hands.

GREENLIGHT - Toilet Water Saving Products

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Toilets consume vast amount of water and in the hospitality environment it is difficult to control the number of flushes. The Save-a-Flush is a displacement device that is inserted into toilet cisterns. This saves up to 1.2 litres of water per flush. The Save-a-flush leads to huge savings. There is no reduction in pressure and therefore you won’t see any difference in the toilet flushing. The Lilydome waterless urinal waste system uses unique technology which is environmentally friendly and cost effective, doing away with water consumption associated with urinals. Lilydome puts a stop to urinal flooding, providing better hygiene, as well as an odour-free restroom and is very easy to install. The unique Lilydome system can be fitted to nearly all conventional urinals, without the need to replace the bowl.

H2O INTERNATIONAL - Filtered Water Solutions

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"Buy the system, not the bottle". Even the smallest entry-level H2O water purifier provides 11 000 litres of excellent purified water. Each system saves the environment from the impact of 22 000 small bottles of "carbon hungry" plastic bottles! Take a re-usable environment friendly container to an H2O Filling Station and draw your own excellent water at approximately 1 rand per litre. H2O systems are made of fully recyclable components, but it is their use, in the place of buying small plastic bottles of water, that really saves the environment.

H2O INTERNATIONAL - Hydroboil Instant Hot Water

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Hydroboil Pro has programmable timers, "sleep" mode and light sensitive power saving mode (i.e. when everyone turns the lights off and goes home, it goes into power saving mode). Attractive, boils to higher temperature (within 1 degree of boiling point, as opposed to up to 3 degrees of boiling point), LED displays.

H2O INTERNATIONAL - Water Purification

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The H2O US4 home water purifier produces up to 132 thousand litres of purified, healthy drinking water, retaining the mineral content. This saves on the carbon imprint of transporting and subsequent disposal of 132 thousand one litre plastic bottles, or 268,000 500 ml plastic bottles. Save up to 4 cents per litre.

HYCHEM - Biodegradable Cleaning Products

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Chrisal manufacture a range of products specific to Hychem's requirements, encompassing all surface cleaning for Housekeeping and Kitchen environments. This probiotic cleaning, PIP (Probiotics In Progress), is a revolution in durable cleaning and hygiene. It is the ideal solution to the lengthy use of chemical cleaning products and disinfectants – safe, environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.

KYASOL - Water Harvesting System

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Drinking water is expensive and too valuable to be wasted on flushing toilets and irrigating gardens. Convenient and reliable rain water harvesting systems can reduce household municipal water consumption by up to 50%.

LEAD LAUNDRY & CATERING - Commercial Washing Machines

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Speed Queen NF3J and Girbau HS6008 - Speed Queen and Girbau are global leaders in washer extractor technology. Both these machines offer the ultimate in energy and cost efficiency and are built with commercial reliability. Savings of up to 40% in water when compared with some commercial top load washers. High spin speeds mean lower residual moisture, which means reduced drying times and large savings in electricity. Front Load washer extractors are 100% freestanding with no complicated installation procedures. Heavy duty construction from rugged steel drive components to stainless steel drums. A quality washing process optimising water, energy and chemical products through easy and intuitive programming of the micro processor. Inverter Drive controlled motors meaning reduced maintenance and electrical consumption. According to US Energy Star programme, the HS6008 uses less water and energy than any other washer extractor available in the US.

LEAD LAUNDRY & CATERING - High Speed Washer Extractors

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Girbau HS Washer - This High Speed washer extractor (Gravity factors of up to 380G) is capable of providing every conceivable option available to ensure the highest quality wash results, the longest linen life, the most economical wash possible, all with a reputation for durability that is unmatched by any of its competitors worldwide.

Speed Queen SY Washer - Build quality, reliability and efficiency, backed by more than 100 years of industry experience make Speed Queen ‘the proven performer’. Flexible installation, high extract speeds of up to 400G, inverter driven for best fabric care and lowest energy consumption, stainless steel construction and Super Intelligent control with 99 preset programs make this machine the No.1 contender for world’s best high speed washer extractor.

LEAD LAUNDRY & CATERING - Industrial Tumble Driers

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Speed Queen Classic-line - This drier with the industry’s highest kW and production speeds offers best in class energy consumption, optimal throughput and faster cycles. It’s the solution if production and time are the key issues.

Speed Queen ECO-line - The world’s best drier with the industry’s smallest kW rating. ECO-line tumblers feature a lower energy input with smaller, less powerful elements when compared to our Classic-line allowing for slight improvements in overall energy consumption. It’s the solution for end-users with limitations on available electricity and more time available to process.

Both offer INDUSTRY BEST evaporation per kW consumed. Reduced linen, labour and utility costs achieved with the precise drying performance of Overdry Prevention Technology: a cutting-edge innovation that connects sensors located within the lifters to our revolutionary rotary transfer switch. The result is a pinpoint dryness reading throughout the entire load, eliminating costs associated with over-drying.

MIELE - Pioneers In Environmental Responsibility

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When producing a Miele product, every detail is considered: the production process, shipping, household use and ultimate disposal.  Miele complies with strict DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental performance standards and have signed the CECED code of conduct to support human rights and environmental protection globally. In operation, Miele constantly strives to make every product respect our natural resources.  Their quality pledge guides Miele to produce appliances that are designed to last for 20 years of continuous use and to reduce landfill waste, their high metal content and clearly marked plastic components are ready for recycling once the product's useful life is complete.

OPTIMUSBIO - Global Green Tag Certified Products

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OptimusBio locally manufactures biodegradable and biologically active cleaning and waste treatments products for people well-being and environmental sustainability. We are the only Level 1 BBBEE company that is Global Green Tag certified with a product range that covers household and intuitional cleaning, personal care, waste and water treatment, automotive cleaning, and heavy industry applications. With us as your partner, you are assured of cutting-edge technology at affordable value, while contributing towards a sustainable planet and supporting local economic growth.  

PESCATECH - Vikan ErgoClean Micro Fibre Mop System

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Consists of ergonomic handle, mop plate, micro fibre mop cloth - reduces water & chemical consumption by up to 65% = less chemical run off into the environment and minimised water consumption. Clean 300m2 with only 1.5L of water. 500 uses 500 washes.

PIONEER PLASTICS : Rainwater Harvesting & Composting Bins

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In addition to an extensive range of rainwater tanks, the new 200 L Compost Bin is made from 100% recyclable material and comes in 3 space saving segments that nest for transport and storage.

All PIONEER Recycle and Litter Bins are made from UV Stabalised, 100% Recyclable Material, and can be made in various standard colours depending on your requirements.

PLANTR - Water Saving Planters

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As part of a new generation of thinkers, our team understands that beautiful design and conscious living go hand in hand. With nature and greenery being a core focus, Plantr provides beautiful products designed for positive impact, healthier environments, and feel good spaces. Our planters are created for use with self-watering liners, which save vast amounts of water and allow plants to consume water as they need. The finishes we use are solvent-free and emit zero VOCs. Plantr’s commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging, where we re-use and recycle where possible.


Magic Linen is 100% stain resistant, needs almost no ironing and is completely economical relative to natural linen or cotton tableware. The unique features of Magic Linen fabrics are that they are finished with a special non-toxic FDA approved wash that protects against stains up to 10 times longer than a conventionally treated fabric. Magic Linen fabrics provide protection against liquid and food spills – simply wipe the fabric with a damp cloth – saving on water and energy. The following products can be made from Magic Linen fabric: Table clothes, runners, scatter cushions, aprons,  napkin and cutlery holders, chair covers, place mats and more.

THE PEANUT GALLERY - Water Saving Taps

The most energy efficient faucet worldwide saves 100% on energy and reduces water consumption by 90%. The Swiss Eco Tap is already in use at the world’s first zero-energy skyscraper hotel “Aquaturm” in Germany. We’ve won numerous awards such as the 2015 Good Green Design award (founded 1950) selected from over 100 green design submissions across 22 nations. The average traditional faucet uses +15lt of water per minute at 3bar where our faucets only uses 650ml per minute at 3bar pressure. Swiss Eco Line – ‘Saving our most precious resource one tap at a time’.

VERTICAL VEG - Fresh Organic Food

Vertical gardening ticks all the boxes that define eco-friendliness and environmental awareness. We bring nature back into the urban jungle with vertical panels of herbs and other vegetable produce. Fresh, seasonally grown food is organic and pesticide-free, and has zero carbon miles.

The fabric of the panels is hardy and durable and has a natural felt texture. Plants are grown in a light soil mixture and water wastage is kept to a minimum with the use of a drip irrigation system.