Supplier’s Corner

Hotelstuff/Greenstuff is invaluable in generating sales leads and starting the right conversations with the right buyers. This is not a simple directory, we offer unique value add-ons by personally promoting our subscribers at workshops, trade exhibitions, real-life furnished mock green homes and hotels at exhibitions, consultations and speaking engagements at industry conferences.

Because we consistently position Hotelstuff/Greenstuff in key sectors, subscribers benefit from that direct exposure. More targeted networking one could not ask for.

Supplier benefits

We like to think of Hotelstuff/Greenstuff as business fertiliser – the trusted way to grow (and sustain) your business.

Testament to this is the participation of major industry suppliers with solid reputations and outstanding service records. We also help smaller entities find their niche in what is a highly competitive market often characterised by complex tenders. Better still, there is no middle man – the interaction between third parties is direct.

What we do to promote you

Each year, Lorraine engineers a full calendar of marketing and speaking activities centred on Hotelstuff/Greenstuff with one key purpose – to drive awareness and traffic to the directories and therefore heighten exposure for those listed.

As a subscriber, your visibility is heightened in several ways:

  • Hotelstuff page – company page on the Hotelstuff online directory, populated with supplier information and images.
  • Greenstuff listing – Eco-suppliers if your product or service enables sustainability, enjoy the benefits of a second directory listing on Hotelstuff’s celebrated site, Greenstuff.
  • Website "latest supplier/product" – your own spot on the Hotelstuff or Greenstuff home page when you subscribe to our directories.
  • Website "featured supplier/product" – your own spot on the Hotelstuff or Greenstuff home page when you renew your subscription.
  • Newsletter – on joining, you are offered a feature in our newsletter sent to over 24,000 hoteliers, industry members, private individuals, architects, procurement agents, etc.
  • Promotions – here you can advertise any promotions you may be running like free delivery, specials, new product launches etc.
  • Social Media – posts on our Facebook page, our Instagram page and on our LinkedIn profile, to introduce you to our followers.
  • Trade shows – Hotelstuff/Greenstuff are at all key industry events and exhibitions, promoting the directories therefore promoting you!
  • Projects – occasionally, we build entire mock homes or hotels at major industry expos and shows. Built and furnished throughout with products sourced from all our subscribers. We share the cost between all participants. Many of these project have won top awards.
  • Networking – Hotelstuff/Greenstuff provide fantastic networking gateways through professional associations and strategic alliances with high-profile industry organisations and experts.
  • Advertising – suppliers get to enjoy the spin-offs of our advertising in industry publications.
  • Helpdesk – when buyers are looking for unusual products or services, our Helpdesk helps streamline their search which makes for a more targeted introduction.
  • Workshops – be the first to hear about our nation-wide industry workshops and possible speaking opportunities with which to promote your services.
  • Consulting – use our consulting services to improve your procurement processes and purchasing contracts.
  • Banners – choose from 2 banner options to increase your brand awareness and expose your company to more than 35 000 active industry contacts. (optional extra)
  • Mailshots – mailshots are sent out to our database of ±15 000 buyers and can be used to advertise new product launches or promotions. (optional extra)

How it works

Suppliers pay an annual subscription fee. A once-off payment or an option to pay by monthly debit order. That’s all – one fee, no hidden costs and no surprises down the line!

Once you have registered, our office will contact you with a quote for subscribing to Hotelstuff/Greenstuff. On acceptance thereof and once payment has been received, your details will be activated on the site. Your page information can be updated at any time, subject to our approval.

Ready to get started? To list your product or service, click here to register online. Alternatively, contact us directly.