LEAD LAUNDRY & CATERING - Commercial Washing Machines

Speed Queen NF3J and Girbau HS6008 - Speed Queen and Girbau are global leaders in washer extractor technology. Both these machines offer the ultimate in energy and cost efficiency and are built with commercial reliability. Savings of up to 40% in water when compared with some commercial top load washers. High spin speeds mean lower residual moisture, which means reduced drying times and large savings in electricity. Front Load washer extractors are 100% freestanding with no complicated installation procedures. Heavy duty construction from rugged steel drive components to stainless steel drums. A quality washing process optimising water, energy and chemical products through easy and intuitive programming of the micro processor. Inverter Drive controlled motors meaning reduced maintenance and electrical consumption. According to US Energy Star programme, the HS6008 uses less water and energy than any other washer extractor available in the US.