LEAD LAUNDRY & CATERING - Industrial Tumble Driers

Speed Queen Classic-line - This drier with the industry’s highest kW and production speeds offers best in class energy consumption, optimal throughput and faster cycles. It’s the solution if production and time are the key issues.

Speed Queen ECO-line - The world’s best drier with the industry’s smallest kW rating. ECO-line tumblers feature a lower energy input with smaller, less powerful elements when compared to our Classic-line allowing for slight improvements in overall energy consumption. It’s the solution for end-users with limitations on available electricity and more time available to process.

Both offer INDUSTRY BEST evaporation per kW consumed. Reduced linen, labour and utility costs achieved with the precise drying performance of Overdry Prevention Technology: a cutting-edge innovation that connects sensors located within the lifters to our revolutionary rotary transfer switch. The result is a pinpoint dryness reading throughout the entire load, eliminating costs associated with over-drying.