Company overview

Greenstuff was launched in 2008.  It is the sister link to the main directory, Hotelstuff. Here we have identified the individual products that are eco friendly or 'greener' than their competitors. 

Initially for hotels, but now used by everybody: hotels, homes, architects, designers, hospitals, government, etc!


To promote Sustainable Hospitality and Lifestyle (for homeowners), Green Procurement and Responsible Tourism and help you find eco friendly or greener versions of everything you use every day. 


We do not endorse or validate anything, but Lorraine has been following green trends since her years living in California where she worked with Systems Science and Software in San Diego in the late 60s – a long time ago.


These were the very early days of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) when people were beginning to take environmental degradation seriously. It started with 'acid rain' that was killing conifers. We researched the smog over Los Angeles and learned the devastating effect toxic emissions were having on air quality. 

We were hippie wannabes and eschewed synthetics, recycled, ate organic, grew happy herbs (medicinal, you understand?), bicycled, composted and formed non-conformist, anti-establishment communities.

But we held down real jobs. SS&S mapped the planet to identify best locations for solar power. South Africa came out tops. That was 1971. Why has it all taken so long?

40 years of ankle-biting and subliminal activism later, Lorraine now wins awards for not giving up. People are finally listening. Since launching Greenstuff on the back of Hotelstuff – within three years –  page views grew by 5004%; an explosion in awareness in South Africa. 


There is little, if any, meaningful eco-labelling in South Africa. Lorraine and her son are extremely privileged to have completed training at the CSIR under the auspices of the UNEP (UN Environmental Programme) for NCPC (National Cleaner Production Centre) and the top ranking EU Flower Label. So we know what makes something green.

So after 15 years of secretly sabotaging toxic tenders (don't tell anyone), Lorraine realised someone had to do something. Phosphates in the Kruger and Drakensberg rivers had to stop. Teak from Zim had to be challenged. GM foods had to be debated. Toxic cosmetics banned. 

So, she went on her own and just did it.

What we do

What we do is try to find the greenest we can. Nothing is 100% green. 'Greener than the industry standard' is better than not green at all. Surely? If we continue to obsess, we waste time. Let's at least do what we can.

We educate, educate, educate. We help manufacturers learn how to manage eco factories and choose green materials and ingredients. How to monitor their supply chain and to always consider the entire lifecycle of their product or service.

We help people understand the criteria for a green product and help procurement managers amend their tendering evaluations to include environmental values.

Please check out the pictures in our Project Gallery for some of our projects on how to go green, demonstrated in real time exhibitions.


International professional speaker, Climate Change Reality leader, sustainability facilitator, responsible tourism and hospitality influencer, green procurement consultant and ethical food activist, Lorraine Jenks is a leader in motivating better practices in both the corporate and private sectors.

With over 50 years of experience in environmental activism and a sense of humour to match, get ready for a professional but personal experience from “The Little Green Queen” where personality and positive energy balance the seriousness of the topics at hand.

Gutsy, witty and passionate, Lorraine started her journey as an activist in California in 1969 – and has never looked back! With two leading online companies to her name, she is qualified to speak knowledgeably and practically on environmental awareness, going green, climate change, conscious procurement and environmental ethics.

To book Lorraine for your next event visit her personal website: lorrainejenks.com