Lorraine Jenks

Combining her background in education, extensive travels, work experiences and a 40-year passion for environmental responsibility, Lorraine Jenks has found her niche as a highly sought after speaker on Responsible Living.

Going Green, Sustainability, Responsible Tourism, Conscious Consumerism, Ethical Living – have predictably all become tired, hackneyed clichés for the same basic philosophy.

Lorraine has a talent for speaking in layman’s terms, demystifying the jargon and debunking the myths that abound in the fashionable trend towards “going green”.

Just how simple and easy it can be she explains with pictures, stories and humour - all substantiated by decades of research, experience, qualifications, credentials and several awards.

Until people understand and take ownership of our challenges, nothing will change.  All we have to do is stop and think before making basic daily decisions on how we live, work, eat and play.

But how?

It becomes effortless once Lorraine has explained “the What, the Why and the How” to change habits and the “Where” to find things.

People leave her presentations feeling encouraged, informed, hopeful and motivated – eager to make healthier, kinder, more educated choices.

There is more than enough emphasis on Energy, Water and Waste.  Lorraine addresses all three thoroughly, but also emphasises pollution to be prevented, toxins to be avoided and resources to protect.

The planet will survive.  We won’t.  We owe this to our children and all living things.