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ALEX MURRAY METAL SYSTEMS (AMMS) - Capture Jet Extraction Systems

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The high efficiency of Halton kitchen ventilation systems is based on the unique Capture Jet™ technology, which reduces the effective net exhaust volumes while improving extraction efficiency, with fan and ductwork size minimised. The hoods deliver a small air jet – the Capture Jet™ – to push the upward-flowing thermal current toward the filters. Compared to conventional exhaust-only canopies, Capture Jet™ technology has a 40 to 65% lower required exhaust volume for extracting an equivalent heat load. This yields direct savings in both running and initial costs.

BUFFET-WORLD - Bugambilia Range!

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One of our ranges, Bugambilia, with our non breakable resin coated aluminium in 22 colours with a choice of 600 shapes and sizes!

  • Made of recycled aluminium.
  • 3 year warranty for cold service.

View this range here >>>  Bugambilia Classic Collection

BUFFET-WORLD - Induction Cookware

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Beautiful Cookware by Andy Mannhart available from Buffet-World

Attractive multifunctional coloured pans available in the rainbow colours: Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow and White

  • Made of 3-ply stainless steel material, suitable for electric, gas, ceran and induction
  • Perfect heat transmission
  • Cook and present your food in the same pan
  • Lid specially modified, it can be stored on top or on the side of the pan, equipped with a steam-release
  • Special paint, heat-resistant (Whitford Technology), please handle with care.
  • Do not clean with hard sponge, use soft detergent

See more details here >>>  Rainbow Collection

CONSOL GLASS - Locally Manufactured

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Greenstuff in collaboration with Water Purification Solutions have developed a water solution for restaurants. Rather than invest in imported equipment and bottles, Water Purification have designed a filtration and sanitisation plant especially for kitchens and Consol have chosen a range of South African manufactured bottles for you to decant either still or carbonated filtered water. Customers are beginning to resist plastic bottles; especially those with a hefty carbon footprint.

DYNACHEM - Chafo from Eco-Burner

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A new and revolutionary approach for the provision of portable heat for chafing dishes in the hotel and catering industry. The Chafo is a revolutionary and innovative new product from eco-burner. Designed to be the perfect ‘drop-in’ replacement for gel and wick chafing dishes, it overcomes all of the problems associated with heating chafing dishes by traditional methods. The Eco-burner Chafo is safer, greener and cleaner, the product gives greater control and is less wasteful than traditional gels and wicks.

EcoSmart™ - Cost-effective Renewable Energy Solutions

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We are South Africa’s leading specialists to supply and install cost-effective renewable energy solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial customers. With electricity prices set to continually rise, we are fully committed to making our world green.   

EVENING BREEZE - A Gently Cooled Bed To Dream Away In Green Luxury

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Brilliant solution for our African climate. Save at least 60% of energy and provide your guests with an unmatched sleeping experience.

Air conditioners consume 80% of energy in your guest rooms. They use between 1,200 and 2,000 Watts, whereas Even Breeze uses only 400 Watt. This implies a yearly saving of 4 MWh or 2.5 tons of CO2 pollution.

Imagine the financial and ecological benefits, night after night…

FANUTE - Ultra-low Water Washing Machines

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Fanute is the Southern African distributor of the Hydrofinity range of ultra-low water industrial washing machines. These industrial machines use a proprietary polymer technology to reduce the water required to wash dirty linen, with thousands of small polymer beads (known as XOrbs) placed into the wash drum during the wash process. The XOrbs deliver a significant improvement in the environmental impact of laundry, with an 80% reduction in water usage and an over 90% reduction in electricity usage compared to standard industry machines, while providing superior cleaning results and improved fabric care. The Hydrofinity machines are available in two models: 36KG dry weight and 20KG dry weight. Data sheets are available on request.


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Furniture and decor with materials from sustainable sources and made using non toxic, natural products. A network of South African suppliers of eco friendly products and services, specialising in ongoing research and development to facilitate greener lifestyles in homes and environmentally sustainable management and operation of tourism destinations.

GREENLIGHT - LED Lights - saving energy and money

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Compared to conventional lighting, LED lights use less energy, last longer and produce a better light. LED lights are eco-friendly, as they contain no mercury.  Most of the components of LED lights are recyclable. The reduction in the use of energy contributes to less coal being burned to generate electricity, less packaging (as you replace the bulbs less frequently) and in the long-term, you save money. We stock a vast range of LED tubes, LED downlights, LED filament bulbs and LED standard bulbs.

GYM CONCEPTS - SportsArt Eco-friendly Fitness Equipment

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Gym Concepts is the exclusive distributer of SportsArt’s innovative world-class eco-friendly fitness equipment in Africa. SportsArt’s cardio line - treadmills, ellipticals, cycles and cross trainers - combines awe-inspiring design with revolutionary ECO-POWR™ technology that captures human energy and turns it into usable electricity. With ECO-POWR your physical exertion benefits the planet and provides a new meaning to breaking a sweat. Simply plug an ECO-POWR™ product, or daisy-chain up to 6 units, into a standard outlet, workout and reduce your carbon footprint while lowering power consumption. Go green with SportsArt - brought to you by Gym Concepts.

H2O INTERNATIONAL - Filtered Water Solutions

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"Buy the system, not the bottle". Even the smallest entry-level H2O water purifier provides 11 000 litres of excellent purified water. Each system saves the environment from the impact of 22 000 small bottles of "carbon hungry" plastic bottles! Take a re-usable environment friendly container to an H2O Filling Station and draw your own excellent water at approximately 1 rand per litre. H2O systems are made of fully recyclable components, but it is their use, in the place of buying small plastic bottles of water, that really saves the environment.

H2O INTERNATIONAL - Hydroboil Instant Hot Water

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Hydroboil Pro has programmable timers, "sleep" mode and light sensitive power saving mode (i.e. when everyone turns the lights off and goes home, it goes into power saving mode). Attractive, boils to higher temperature (within 1 degree of boiling point, as opposed to up to 3 degrees of boiling point), LED displays.

H2O INTERNATIONAL - Water Purification

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The H2O US4 home water purifier produces up to 132 thousand litres of purified, healthy drinking water, retaining the mineral content. This saves on the carbon imprint of transporting and subsequent disposal of 132 thousand one litre plastic bottles, or 268,000 500 ml plastic bottles. Save up to 4 cents per litre.

HYGIVIT - Dry Steam Cleaning

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The "Dry Steam Cleaning" is a natural and ecologically harmless method of deep cleaning and sanitising as it removes harsh chemicals and toxicity resistance between the surface and dirtiness. The “Dry Steam Cleaning” services offered by HYGIvit is a complete floor to ceiling cleaning and hygiene sanitising process, without the need to move or dispose any materials and ready to be re-used within minutes.  This entails carpets, curtains, tile & parquet flooring, mattresses, upholstered furniture, kitchen deep cleaning, etc.

KYASOL - Wireless Automation & Energy Saving Solutions

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Kyasol offers an unique wireless solution in building control and automation – a unique technology that allows the switches and sensors to harvest their own energy through movement, light differences and temperature changes - without any batteries. These solutions saves you wiring, batteries, time and the mess of installation. No batteries means no maintenance. System can be configured to automatically control your building and is an easy retrofit for any building.

LEAD LAUNDRY & CATERING - Commercial Washing Machines

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Speed Queen NF3J and Girbau HS6008 - Speed Queen and Girbau are global leaders in washer extractor technology. Both these machines offer the ultimate in energy and cost efficiency and are built with commercial reliability. Savings of up to 40% in water when compared with some commercial top load washers. High spin speeds mean lower residual moisture, which means reduced drying times and large savings in electricity. Front Load washer extractors are 100% freestanding with no complicated installation procedures. Heavy duty construction from rugged steel drive components to stainless steel drums. A quality washing process optimising water, energy and chemical products through easy and intuitive programming of the micro processor. Inverter Drive controlled motors meaning reduced maintenance and electrical consumption. According to US Energy Star programme, the HS6008 uses less water and energy than any other washer extractor available in the US.

LEAD LAUNDRY & CATERING - High Speed Washer Extractors

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Girbau HS Washer - This High Speed washer extractor (Gravity factors of up to 380G) is capable of providing every conceivable option available to ensure the highest quality wash results, the longest linen life, the most economical wash possible, all with a reputation for durability that is unmatched by any of its competitors worldwide.

Speed Queen SY Washer - Build quality, reliability and efficiency, backed by more than 100 years of industry experience make Speed Queen ‘the proven performer’. Flexible installation, high extract speeds of up to 400G, inverter driven for best fabric care and lowest energy consumption, stainless steel construction and Super Intelligent control with 99 preset programs make this machine the No.1 contender for world’s best high speed washer extractor.

LEAD LAUNDRY & CATERING - Industrial Tumble Driers

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Speed Queen Classic-line - This drier with the industry’s highest kW and production speeds offers best in class energy consumption, optimal throughput and faster cycles. It’s the solution if production and time are the key issues.

Speed Queen ECO-line - The world’s best drier with the industry’s smallest kW rating. ECO-line tumblers feature a lower energy input with smaller, less powerful elements when compared to our Classic-line allowing for slight improvements in overall energy consumption. It’s the solution for end-users with limitations on available electricity and more time available to process.

Both offer INDUSTRY BEST evaporation per kW consumed. Reduced linen, labour and utility costs achieved with the precise drying performance of Overdry Prevention Technology: a cutting-edge innovation that connects sensors located within the lifters to our revolutionary rotary transfer switch. The result is a pinpoint dryness reading throughout the entire load, eliminating costs associated with over-drying.

MICROS - Enterprise Applications

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Using MICROS enterprise applications significantly contribute to a company’s sustainability, while cutting business expenses. Beyond the obvious reduction of the paper trail, power and supplies used for printing are conserved. Fuel and energy are spared as the need to print and ship reports is eliminated, as real-time business intelligence can be viewed anywhere, anytime, via the internet.

MIELE - Pioneers In Environmental Responsibility

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When producing a Miele product, every detail is considered: the production process, shipping, household use and ultimate disposal.  Miele complies with strict DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental performance standards and have signed the CECED code of conduct to support human rights and environmental protection globally. In operation, Miele constantly strives to make every product respect our natural resources.  Their quality pledge guides Miele to produce appliances that are designed to last for 20 years of continuous use and to reduce landfill waste, their high metal content and clearly marked plastic components are ready for recycling once the product's useful life is complete.


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Milestone Kitchens use wood from sustainable forests. Their paints are all water based. 90% of the products they use in their manufacturing process is purposely sourced from SA and they only use SA labour. No harmful or toxic varnishes are used on any products.


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The AutoSave system automatically starts in the energy conservation mode; immediately reducing power to an optimized 500 watt level. If, at any time, more performance is needed, one push of the Hi switch gives 60% more power, a further push of the switch puts you back to economy again.

OZONE SOLUTIONS - Airzone air purifiers

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Airzone Wall or desk mounted air purifiers using ozone and Ultraviolet ( UV) to combat smells, freshen up areas and ensure microorganism free air for clients and staff to breathe. Of particular interest in refuse/garbage areas, high traffic areas such as reception and obvious areas such as toilets and smoking areas.

PRENOX - Gas And Induction Kitchen Equipment

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CONVECTION GAS OVENS: in addition to cost savings, gas ovens are also more energy-efficient than electric ovens. The heat source is 100% gas generated, with only a 220V connection required to turn the Convection Motor Fan and Electronics.

INDUCTION COOKING TOPS: induction cooking is based on magnetic fields which induce heat in the steel cookware placed on top of it. The pot becomes the element that cooks the food, so the cook top surface does not get as hot as other cooking tops. Extremely fast heat - over 50% faster than gas or electricity.

SALTO SYSTEMS - Environmental Excellence

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By meeting the ISO 14001 standard, SALTO Systems can demonstrate its commitment to achieving both legal and regulatory compliance whilst presenting itself as a forward thinking, environmentally aware business. ISO 14001, which is an internationally accepted standard, exists to address the balance between maintaining profitability whilst reducing environmental impact. With the successful award of ISO 14001 certification by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance; the company aims to further strengthen its standards of sustainability. By integrating improved environmental and ecological processes into its existing management system, internal processes and organisation will be enhanced and optimised accordingly.

SOLAR HEAT - Solar Powered Energy

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Solar Heat products cover all thermal solar applications from domestic to commercial solar hot water systems, as well as solar space heating and cooling. The solar heat product range has expanded gradually, responding to customer needs, water quality and climates.

There is a solar heat product available to meet every need in the hospitality industry, from the largest luxury resort hotel to the smallest bed and breakfast!

TECHNILAMP - Infra Red Zone Heater, Heats People, Not The Environment

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Technilamp's Infra Red Zone Heater is a pure, instant and radiant heating system. It is 70% more cost effective than gas and there is no risk of explosions from burning gas bottles. This is intelligent, maintenance free heating for environmental area heating this winter; clean, economical and cost effective.

TECHNOSWISS - Saving electricity!

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Technoswiss is committed to supplying safe, secure products. All their products are subject to the strictest quality control, conform to the highest European & South African standards, and offer generous guarantees.

Technoswiss is committed to protecting the environment by sourcing products that minimize waste and the excessive use of electricity.

TURBO VENT AFRICA - Energy Efficient Cooling Systems

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Turbo Vent Africa introduces - Turbo-Vent and Breezair - energy efficient evaporative cooling systems that use natural cooling to ventilate a building. Fresh air is drawn through finely honeycombed filter pads which not only filter out dust particles, pollen and other airborne contaminants, but also cool the air passing through them (water in the pads cools the air as it flows past). Energy efficient, very quiet and can be run off solar power.


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Thanks to it’s innovative software, the Wega Concept has the ability to memorize the workload of the machine, thus adjusting the work and standby functions accordingly.   The function of the nocturnal standby mode, combined with the MBT and SLS technology, allow the Wega Concept to obtain a certified energy saving of 47,6% during the nocturnal rest period, and of 30% during the operational period (relative to an average weekly consumption of 15kg of coffee).