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Get rid of your ugly smelly urinal by upgrading and converting your existing water-wasting installation into a waterless urinal. The EcoSmellstop system pays for itself within month! This phenomenally short pay-back period is achieved by 100% water saving and 95% reduction in maintenance!

CONSOL GLASS - Locally Manufactured

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Greenstuff in collaboration with Water Purification Solutions have developed a water solution for restaurants. Rather than invest in imported equipment and bottles, Water Purification have designed a filtration and sanitisation plant especially for kitchens and Consol have chosen a range of South African manufactured bottles for you to decant either still or carbonated filtered water. Customers are beginning to resist plastic bottles; especially those with a hefty carbon footprint.

EcoSmart™ - Cost-effective Renewable Energy Solutions

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We are South Africa’s leading specialists to supply and install cost-effective renewable energy solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial customers. With electricity prices set to continually rise, we are fully committed to making our world green.   

FLUSHY SA - Water Saving Innovation

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SA is a water scare country and we have to save this dwindling resource where we can. Flushy SA, is a water saving innovation that essentially retrofits older (single/front) flush water waster systems which can use up to 15 litres of potable water in every single flush! Once installed, the Flushy is proven to save up to 50% of the water used. No need to do a costly replacement of the entire system, all that is required is the little big water saver, the Flushy.

GEBERIT - Wall Hung Toilets And Electronic Taps

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Geberit produces highly developed, reliable, sustainable, and optimally coordinated sanitary and piping systems. Environmental aspects are taken into consideration as early as the initial phase of the development process. Eco-Design as the key to environmentally friendly products ensures that the most environmentally friendly materials as possible are used, that risks are minimized and a high efficiency of resources is achieved. Eco-Design workshops include a systematic product analysis during all life phases, the involvement of statutory requirements as well as the analysis of competitor products. Life cycle assessments for products are valuable decision-making aids in this respect.

GREEN POWER SYSTEMS - Cost Effective Water Heating

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Save 40% to 80% of your electricity bill a month with a solar water heating system from Green Power Systems. New vacuum tube technology makes these products very affordable in comparison to older flat plate collectors.

Suitable for large heating applications, these systems can be "daisy chained" (linked together) for virtually limitless capacity. Aesthetically appealing compared to conventional panels.

H2O INTERNATIONAL - Filtered Water Solutions

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"Buy the system, not the bottle". Even the smallest entry-level H2O water purifier provides 11 000 litres of excellent purified water. Each system saves the environment from the impact of 22 000 small bottles of "carbon hungry" plastic bottles! Take a re-usable environment friendly container to an H2O Filling Station and draw your own excellent water at approximately 1 rand per litre. H2O systems are made of fully recyclable components, but it is their use, in the place of buying small plastic bottles of water, that really saves the environment.

H2O INTERNATIONAL - Hydroboil Instant Hot Water

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Hydroboil Pro has programmable timers, "sleep" mode and light sensitive power saving mode (i.e. when everyone turns the lights off and goes home, it goes into power saving mode). Attractive, boils to higher temperature (within 1 degree of boiling point, as opposed to up to 3 degrees of boiling point), LED displays.

H2O INTERNATIONAL - Water Purification

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The H2O US4 home water purifier produces up to 132 thousand litres of purified, healthy drinking water, retaining the mineral content. This saves on the carbon imprint of transporting and subsequent disposal of 132 thousand one litre plastic bottles, or 268,000 500 ml plastic bottles. Save up to 4 cents per litre.


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Hand Painted by Carmel has invented a unique fabric which is used as an alternative to conventional linen tablecloths, placemats and upholstery. Their fabric is pure cotton based and they can make bespoke designs for restaurants or simply match your colour scheme.

The fabric is designed to be wiped down when there are spills and stains & no laundry is required. There is a huge cost saving to the hotelier and saving of carbon emissions when linen requires no transport back and forth for laundering, not to mention savings in water and electricity to wash, dry and iron.

HANSGROHE - Ponto Greywater Recycling System

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Are you about to design and build a game lodge, hostel or hotel? Then, did you know there is a product...

  • That recycles grey water from baths, showers and basins
  • Uses the water to irrigate gardens, laundry, flush toilets, or other applications
  • Increases water availability (or reduces usage) by up to 50%
  • Safe, hygienic
  • Cleans grey water to EU standards
  • Chemical free, maintenance free
  • Compact, modular, easy to install
  • A proven product from Hansgrohe AG

...and this is now available in Southern Africa

HANSGROHE - Water Saving Shower Rose

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Hansgrohe recently broadened its already expansive World of Styles bathroom faucet and shower offering, with the addition of two new showerheads and two new hand showers, all carrying the "Croma 100" name. In addition, Hansgrohe is offering a green version of each of the four models.

Providing the full, drenching coverage of a conventional high-end hand shower or showerhead, the green options do so at a water-saving flow rate of only 1.8 gallons per minute (gpm).

HYCHEM - Biodegradable Cleaning Products

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Chrisal manufacture a range of products specific to Hychem's requirements, encompassing all surface cleaning for Housekeeping and Kitchen environments. This probiotic cleaning, PIP (Probiotics In Progress), is a revolution in durable cleaning and hygiene. It is the ideal solution to the lengthy use of chemical cleaning products and disinfectants – safe, environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.

KYASOL - Water Harvesting System

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Drinking water is expensive and too valuable to be wasted on flushing toilets and irrigating gardens. Convenient and reliable rain water harvesting systems can reduce household municipal water consumption by up to 50%.

MATTRESS CLEAN - Deep Cleaning & Sanitation

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Mattress Clean has pioneered chemical free, deep cleaning and sanitation of mattresses to the hospitality industry, private homes and boarding schools. Our cleaning service is dry and effective, the bed can be made immediately on completion of the job therefore there is no down time on room availability.

MIELE - Pioneers In Environmental Responsibility

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When producing a Miele product, every detail is considered: the production process, shipping, household use and ultimate disposal.  Miele complies with strict DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental performance standards and have signed the CECED code of conduct to support human rights and environmental protection globally. In operation, Miele constantly strives to make every product respect our natural resources.  Their quality pledge guides Miele to produce appliances that are designed to last for 20 years of continuous use and to reduce landfill waste, their high metal content and clearly marked plastic components are ready for recycling once the product's useful life is complete.

PESCATECH - Vikan ErgoClean Micro Fibre Mop System

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Consists of ergonomic handle, mop plate, micro fibre mop cloth - reduces water & chemical consumption by up to 65% = less chemical run off into the environment and minimised water consumption. Clean 300m2 with only 1.5L of water. 500 uses 500 washes.

PIONEER PLASTICS : Rainwater Harvesting & Composting Bins

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In addition to an extensive range of rainwater tanks, the new 200 L Compost Bin is made from 100% recyclable material and comes in 3 space saving segments that nest for transport and storage.

All PIONEER Recycle and Litter Bins are made from UV Stabalised, 100% Recyclable Material, and can be made in various standard colours depending on your requirements.


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Lessen your pool's environmental impact with eco-wise pool covers. Not only are water and carbon footprints shrunk, a pool's greenhouse gas emissions are lowered as chlorine is prevented from dissipating in sunlight. The thermal covers also reduce filtration by 50% and evaporation by 90%. Included in this range is the new Sol+Guard cover, which uses solar energy to warm water by up to 8 degrees. This is your first step to heating a pool naturally and achieving 6-week longer swimming seasons.

SWISS ECO TAPS - Water Saving Taps

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The most energy efficient faucet worldwide saves 100% on energy and reduces water consumption by 90%. The Swiss Eco Tap is already in use at the world’s first zero-energy skyscraper hotel “Aquaturm” in Germany. We’ve won numerous awards such as the 2015 Good Green Design award (founded 1950) selected from over 100 green design submissions across 22 nations. The average traditional faucet uses +15lt of water per minute at 3bar where our faucets only uses 650ml per minute at 3bar pressure. Swiss Eco Line – ‘Saving our most precious resource one tap at a time’.

VALIRYO - Energy Efficient Body Dryer

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VALIRYO® - the most efficient body dryer - reduces the environmental impact arising from washing and drying bath towels. Dry in less than 3 minutes. There is no more need to wash towels. Adjustable temperature and intensity. Installable inside or outside the shower. Enjoy complete autonomy with motion sensor. Economic and environmental saving.

VERTICAL VEG - Fresh Organic Food

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Vertical gardening ticks all the boxes that define eco-friendliness and environmental awareness. We bring nature back into the urban jungle with vertical panels of herbs and other vegetable produce. Fresh, seasonally grown food is organic and pesticide-free, and has zero carbon miles.

The fabric of the panels is hardy and durable and has a natural felt texture. Plants are grown in a light soil mixture and water wastage is kept to a minimum with the use of a drip irrigation system.

WHIRLPOOL - Kitchen And Laundry Appliances To Save Water And Energy

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Whirlpool's commitment to environmental protection and natural resource efficiency began more than 30 years ago with the development of the Whirlpool Environmental Strategy. Incorporated therein is Whirlpool's 6th Sense technology; making energy and water efficiency a reality. With the use of built-in sensors to Sense, Adapt and Control the functions of the appliances; saving up to 50% (on selected models) of time, water and energy - Whirlpool should be the first choice in eco-friendly appliances.