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ALEX MURRAY METAL SYSTEMS (AMMS) - Capture Jet Extraction Systems

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The high efficiency of Halton kitchen ventilation systems is based on the unique Capture Jet™ technology, which reduces the effective net exhaust volumes while improving extraction efficiency, with fan and ductwork size minimised. The hoods deliver a small air jet – the Capture Jet™ – to push the upward-flowing thermal current toward the filters. Compared to conventional exhaust-only canopies, Capture Jet™ technology has a 40 to 65% lower required exhaust volume for extracting an equivalent heat load. This yields direct savings in both running and initial costs.

ANKERDATA - Low Power POS Hardware

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EasiPos from Ankerdata. All Ankerdata POS hardware is RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and follows EEC guidelines in respect of low power usage. The latest EasiPos terminals have an increased life cycle, require no cooling and are fan free.

BEAUTY FIRES - Cocoon Aeris Fireplace

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Made from surgical stainless steel, used indoors or outdoors. It runs on Biofuel made from sugarcane, completely renewable, with a neutral carbon footprint.


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Ethanol fireplaces in glass cylinders ranging from minimalist to rustic, Zen or sleek and elegant. Environmentally friendly, using Biofuel, which is a plant derivative with no smoke or fumes. Heat remains in the room.

CARBONTRACK – Intelligent Energy Management

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carbonTRACK measures power use in specific devices in your home or hotel and communicates the data wirelessly via a mobile network. carbonTRACK records power usage, turns off loads and activates them efficiently if necessary. It also takes loads off the grid because reduced peak demands reduce infrastructure investment cost and carbon emissions. carbonTRACK manages solar thermal units for maximum efficiency and tracks PV generated energy.

CLEARSHIELD - Window Protection

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Converts the surface of glass from a high maintenance surface into a low maintenance "l-m" surface. This new smooth surface is "non-stick, and easy-to-clean". Less cleaning effort, lower frequency and low to no chemicals required = a green product, contributing to the environment. An excellent example is solar panels. Without Clearshield treatments on the glass surfaces, we will guarantee that the thermal efficiency of any roof top unit will drop by up to 20% in the first month. It has been proven that Clearshield slows the build up of contamination, and therefore increases the efficiency of such units.

CONTI REFRIGERATION - “Screamer” Warning System

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With a model each for industrial and domestic fridges and freezers, Conti Refrigeration's ʺScreamerʺ is an early warning system which will allow you to take action before your appliances' motors burn out. Simple to install and very economically priced, you will also save on spoilt foodstuffs, energy loss, and maintenance costs due to blocked or clogged up condensers and fans.

EcoSmart™ - Cost-effective Renewable Energy Solutions

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We are South Africa’s leading specialists to supply and install cost-effective renewable energy solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial customers. With electricity prices set to continually rise, we are fully committed to making our world green.   

FLUSHY SA - Water Saving Innovation

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SA is a water scare country and we have to save this dwindling resource where we can. Flushy SA, is a water saving innovation that essentially retrofits older (single/front) flush water waster systems which can use up to 15 litres of potable water in every single flush! Once installed, the Flushy is proven to save up to 50% of the water used. No need to do a costly replacement of the entire system, all that is required is the little big water saver, the Flushy.

GREEN POWER SYSTEMS - Cost Effective Water Heating

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Save 40% to 80% of your electricity bill a month with a solar water heating system from Green Power Systems. New vacuum tube technology makes these products very affordable in comparison to older flat plate collectors.

Suitable for large heating applications, these systems can be "daisy chained" (linked together) for virtually limitless capacity. Aesthetically appealing compared to conventional panels.

GREENERFUTURE - Beyond Carbon Neutral

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Unique in that they offer a full service carbon consultancy from carbon footprinting, to carbon offsetting, carbon mitigation and management with an innovative tailor-made service for the hospitality industry. The GreenBedz programme makes it easy and affordable for go greener and beyond carbon neutral to give your business a competitive edge.

KYASOL - Wireless Automation & Energy Saving Solutions

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Kyasol offers an unique wireless solution in building control and automation – a unique technology that allows the switches and sensors to harvest their own energy through movement, light differences and temperature changes - without any batteries. These solutions saves you wiring, batteries, time and the mess of installation. No batteries means no maintenance. System can be configured to automatically control your building and is an easy retrofit for any building.

MIELE - Pioneers In Environmental Responsibility

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When producing a Miele product, every detail is considered: the production process, shipping, household use and ultimate disposal.  Miele complies with strict DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental performance standards and have signed the CECED code of conduct to support human rights and environmental protection globally. In operation, Miele constantly strives to make every product respect our natural resources.  Their quality pledge guides Miele to produce appliances that are designed to last for 20 years of continuous use and to reduce landfill waste, their high metal content and clearly marked plastic components are ready for recycling once the product's useful life is complete.


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The AutoSave system automatically starts in the energy conservation mode; immediately reducing power to an optimized 500 watt level. If, at any time, more performance is needed, one push of the Hi switch gives 60% more power, a further push of the switch puts you back to economy again.


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Looking at going off grid or simply supplementing power?

Our DIY Solar kits are designed to make going off grid easy and affordable.

Not everyone can afford taking their property off the grid in one step, so our modular kits make it easy and affordable to do systematically, start by taking certain circuits off grid and expand it later on as budget becomes available.

PILOT - All-In-One POS Stations

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These integrated all-in-one POS stations are fanless devices which generate less heat and noise, and consume less power than legacy computer systems. In addition, the devices use the latest dual core low-power processors whilst delivering optimal performance. By integrating all standard components, as well as biometric and mag-stripe readers, the overall device footprint is substantially reduced.


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Lessen your pool's environmental impact with eco-wise pool covers. Not only are water and carbon footprints shrunk, a pool's greenhouse gas emissions are lowered as chlorine is prevented from dissipating in sunlight. The thermal covers also reduce filtration by 50% and evaporation by 90%. Included in this range is the new Sol+Guard cover, which uses solar energy to warm water by up to 8 degrees. This is your first step to heating a pool naturally and achieving 6-week longer swimming seasons.

PRENOX - Gas And Induction Kitchen Equipment

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CONVECTION GAS OVENS: in addition to cost savings, gas ovens are also more energy-efficient than electric ovens. The heat source is 100% gas generated, with only a 220V connection required to turn the Convection Motor Fan and Electronics.

INDUCTION COOKING TOPS: induction cooking is based on magnetic fields which induce heat in the steel cookware placed on top of it. The pot becomes the element that cooks the food, so the cook top surface does not get as hot as other cooking tops. Extremely fast heat - over 50% faster than gas or electricity.

PROMETHIUM - Carbon Footprint And Credit Specialists

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Promethium Carbon started in 2003 and focuses on carbon related services including:

  • Carbon Strategies: advising clients on their carbon strategy and how to reposition their business to thrive in a carbon constrained economy.
  • Carbon Footprints: what to include in a credible carbon footprint.
  • Carbon credit projects: management and implementation of carbon credit projects.

Promethium Carbon has experience ranging from wine estates and fruit growers to large listed entities and hotels and has the ability to deliver successful carbon projects.

SALTO SYSTEMS - Environmental Excellence

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By meeting the ISO 14001 standard, SALTO Systems can demonstrate its commitment to achieving both legal and regulatory compliance whilst presenting itself as a forward thinking, environmentally aware business. ISO 14001, which is an internationally accepted standard, exists to address the balance between maintaining profitability whilst reducing environmental impact. With the successful award of ISO 14001 certification by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance; the company aims to further strengthen its standards of sustainability. By integrating improved environmental and ecological processes into its existing management system, internal processes and organisation will be enhanced and optimised accordingly.

SOLAR FOCUS - Solar Water Heating

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Installing a solar water heating (SWH) system is one of the best investments homeowners can make to reduce their electricity costs, with typical financial paybacks at less than five years. Depending on the size of the system you install, and your hot water use, SWH systems can cut your water heating bills by 40 to 80 percent. Systems have been designed for all types of applications.

SOLAR HEAT - Solar Powered Energy

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Solar Heat products cover all thermal solar applications from domestic to commercial solar hot water systems, as well as solar space heating and cooling. The solar heat product range has expanded gradually, responding to customer needs, water quality and climates.

There is a solar heat product available to meet every need in the hospitality industry, from the largest luxury resort hotel to the smallest bed and breakfast!

SWISS ECO TAPS - Water Saving Taps

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The most energy efficient faucet worldwide saves 100% on energy and reduces water consumption by 90%. The Swiss Eco Tap is already in use at the world’s first zero-energy skyscraper hotel “Aquaturm” in Germany. We’ve won numerous awards such as the 2015 Good Green Design award (founded 1950) selected from over 100 green design submissions across 22 nations. The average traditional faucet uses +15lt of water per minute at 3bar where our faucets only uses 650ml per minute at 3bar pressure. Swiss Eco Line – ‘Saving our most precious resource one tap at a time’.

TECHNILAMP - Infra Red Zone Heater, Heats People, Not The Environment

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Technilamp's Infra Red Zone Heater is a pure, instant and radiant heating system. It is 70% more cost effective than gas and there is no risk of explosions from burning gas bottles. This is intelligent, maintenance free heating for environmental area heating this winter; clean, economical and cost effective.

TURBO VENT AFRICA - Energy Efficient Cooling Systems

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Turbo Vent Africa introduces - Turbo-Vent and Breezair - energy efficient evaporative cooling systems that use natural cooling to ventilate a building. Fresh air is drawn through finely honeycombed filter pads which not only filter out dust particles, pollen and other airborne contaminants, but also cool the air passing through them (water in the pads cools the air as it flows past). Energy efficient, very quiet and can be run off solar power.

VALIRYO - Energy Efficient Body Dryer

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VALIRYO® - the most efficient body dryer - reduces the environmental impact arising from washing and drying bath towels. Dry in less than 3 minutes. There is no more need to wash towels. Adjustable temperature and intensity. Installable inside or outside the shower. Enjoy complete autonomy with motion sensor. Economic and environmental saving.

WHIRLPOOL - Kitchen And Laundry Appliances To Save Water And Energy

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Whirlpool's commitment to environmental protection and natural resource efficiency began more than 30 years ago with the development of the Whirlpool Environmental Strategy. Incorporated therein is Whirlpool's 6th Sense technology; making energy and water efficiency a reality. With the use of built-in sensors to Sense, Adapt and Control the functions of the appliances; saving up to 50% (on selected models) of time, water and energy - Whirlpool should be the first choice in eco-friendly appliances.