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B&C AGRICULTURAL TRADING – Waste2Dust Composting Machine

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Waste2Dust, offers a composting machine that turns most of your waste into immature compost, within 24 hours. Machines vary from a household unit, to a large food market unit that can compost up to 500 ton of waste per year. Reduces the waste by as much as 90% in volume in 24 hours. No waste water Low Odour. Hygiene eliminate potentially harmful pathogens and Bacteria. Low maintenance as well as low noise. Improved in store Hygiene and reduced Health Hazards from Perished or wasted foods. Improved Pest control.

ECOPACK - Paper Straws

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EcoPack now also supply paper straws - an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic straws.

GEBERIT - Wall Hung Toilets And Electronic Taps

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Geberit produces highly developed, reliable, sustainable, and optimally coordinated sanitary and piping systems. Environmental aspects are taken into consideration as early as the initial phase of the development process. Eco-Design as the key to environmentally friendly products ensures that the most environmentally friendly materials as possible are used, that risks are minimized and a high efficiency of resources is achieved. Eco-Design workshops include a systematic product analysis during all life phases, the involvement of statutory requirements as well as the analysis of competitor products. Life cycle assessments for products are valuable decision-making aids in this respect.

GEOCHEM - Green Certified Cleaning Products

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GeoChem's Green Certified range of cleaning products are environment friendly and offer the highest level of biodegradability. None of the products are carcinogenic, mutagenic, persistent, bioaccumulative or toxic and they have no endocrine disrupting properties. Geochem collects and accepts drum returns on all Geochem branded 25lt containers and they are in the process of converting all their 5lt and 25lt buckets from virgin materials to recycled black containers - a recycling system which is their commitment to the environment.


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Paper straws available in a variety of colours and designs. Sizes: 6 mm diameter for cold drinks, 8 mm for smoothies/milkshakes. Can be left in liquid for an hour without becoming soggy. Most major hospitality chains are changing to paper from plastic.

OPTIMUSBIO - Global Green Tag Certified Products

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OptimusBio locally manufactures biodegradable and biologically active cleaning and waste treatments products for people well-being and environmental sustainability. We are the only Level 1 BBBEE company that is Global Green Tag certified with a product range that covers household and intuitional cleaning, personal care, waste and water treatment, automotive cleaning, and heavy industry applications. With us as your partner, you are assured of cutting-edge technology at affordable value, while contributing towards a sustainable planet and supporting local economic growth.  

PIONEER PLASTICS : Rainwater Harvesting & Composting Bins

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In addition to an extensive range of rainwater tanks, the new 200 L Compost Bin is made from 100% recyclable material and comes in 3 space saving segments that nest for transport and storage.

All PIONEER Recycle and Litter Bins are made from UV Stabalised, 100% Recyclable Material, and can be made in various standard colours depending on your requirements.

POSTWINK - Recycling Products

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Our product range incorporates large igloo-type recycling bins ('recycling banks') which are ideal for the bulk recycling collection by waste management companies. Our range also includes stainless steel recycling units and polyethylene recycling bins suitable for recycling initiatives at large and small companies, hotels, convention centres, business centres, shopping centres and schools.

SMART ASH - Clean & Green

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Smart Ash has been established to produce, deploy and service an innovative product that will have a positive impact on your environment.

SYCRO GROUP - Biodegradable Plastic Bags

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d2w is Controlled-life plastic technology which will allow the integrity of the plastic to remain as intended.  In our case, our plastic has a guaranteed life of 18 months from date of manufacture when exposed to an oxygen rich environment.  Degrading will take place and the amount of degrading is dependant on the environment the plastic is exposed to. The plastic will completely degrade into H²0, CO² and humus. There are NO TOXIC residues.

The main advantage of d2w is that the plastic bag does not look, feel or behave any different to any other plastic bag that you are currently using. It is also recyclable and can be used in recyclate.


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At The Bamboo Project we sell 100% handmade, reusable and biodegradable bamboo straws which are chemical, varnish and toxin free. Our bamboo is sourced in Vietnam and is grown in panda-free zones, therefore the production processes do not endanger their habitat. Due to the perfect weather conditions in Vietnam, bamboo grows up to 1 meter in a single day! This makes bamboo drinking straws the perfect natural alternative to the dreaded single-use plastic straws that are not only polluting our environment but also killing our animals.

WASTE2WOW - Bags from Billboards

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Waste2Wow’s range of bags uses billboards which have nowhere else to go. There’s no billboard heaven (or hell!) when they die. They just stick around for ever and ever and ever. By participating in our upcycling process you have taken them off the garbage heaps and given them a new lease on life. Clients can use their own PVC branding and show the world that they too are responsible with their own waste.

WASTEPLAN - On Site Waste Recycling And Removal

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Waste plan has extensive experience in managing waste at hotels, events and conference venues in a manner that will comply with the strictest environmental legislation.

Free waste audit and quote; realtime reporting of waste streams daily, worm farm installations, water and energy consumption management; e-waste collection, dismantling; disposal of hazardous waste.