The planet doesn’t need propaganda. Sometimes, products and services aren't quite the shade of green they claim to be...

Yes greenwashing happens, just not on Greenstuff. We look at greening as a science, not an emotion or the manipulation thereof, with a mission to inhibit dishonesty. While we don’t endorse the products and services listed, we don’t allow lip service to the issues or misleading claims that things are green when they’re, well, not. We’re also acutely aware that sometimes those who boast international certification will still practice some of the Six Sins of Greenwashing.

Today, "green" is about being transparent, not story telling. It is no longer enough to call in your resident spin doctor to transform your existing marketing and sales messages into green ones without changing anything in the actual cradle to cradle journey. Consumers, more and more, have the power to hold suppliers accountable to their green claims.

It’s serious stuff, this green stuff.

If you have any questions or concerns around greenwashing, drop us a line and we’ll guide you through it in more detail.