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AFRICAN QUEEN STUDIO - Handmade Products

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Unique handmade products from recycled materials using felt, leather, seedpods and off cuts from local factories.

ANNMACK DISTRIBUTORS - Home and Hospitality Products

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Our aim? To reduce our impact on the planet wherever possible. How? By supplying quality natural fibre products that are as close to the source as possible. From our mohair throws and blankets to our hand-woven unbleached cotton towels and table cloths, to our handmade felt/merino slippers. All sourced and made in South Africa. Save petrol, cut back on CO2 emissions, shop on-line.

ASSA ABLOY - Electronic Door Locks

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Inhova electronic door locking systems have been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance to the following Environmental and Quality Management Standards: ISO 14001:196 and ISO 9001:2000.

B-EARTH INTERNATIONAL - Non Toxic, High Quality Exterior Paint

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Water, weather, acid resistant, colourfast and chip resistant, B-Earth paints have no metallic releases, low release of  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) during application and thereafter, i.e. the VOC contents of the products in the system are less than 5 grams per litre, which, according to international standards, are classified as 0 VOC paints.

BEAUTY FIRES - Cocoon Aeris Fireplace

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Made from surgical stainless steel, used indoors or outdoors. It runs on Biofuel made from sugarcane, completely renewable, with a neutral carbon footprint.

BELGOTEX FLOORS - Green Tag Certified Flooring

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BELGOTEX FLOORS offer over 80 different ranges of high quality broadloom and modular carpets, customised carpeting, luxury and specialist vinyls, and  artificial lawns for outdoor areas.  Certified with a “Level A” Global GreenTag rating that guarantees maximum points credit for green building, all Belgotex carpets, backings and underlays satisfy criteria for Materials credits ([Mat:4]) and Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ13).  

The company’s ‘Green Journey' earned a “Silver” LCARate for lifecycle performance analysis and initiatives to reduce, reuse or recycle include a 5MW photovoltaic (PV) solar power plant, Rainwater Harvesting and recycling plant.


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Ethanol fireplaces in glass cylinders ranging from minimalist to rustic, Zen or sleek and elegant. Environmentally friendly, using Biofuel, which is a plant derivative with no smoke or fumes. Heat remains in the room.

BOB CNOOPS - Antique Printing Process

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Antique Van Dyke Brown printing process. Since 1860 the process has been used sporadically, primarily for pictorially aesthetic purposes. In the last decade it has regained its status as one of the most beautiful archivally permanent photographic processes ever invented. The prints by Bob Cnoops have all been archivally processed and printed on superior Fabriano 300 gsm watercolour paper.

BRAVO GROUP - Furniture Made From Eco-Friendly Materials

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80% wooden eco-friendly materials are components from certified forestry suppliers. The fabrics used are linen-cotton blend for durability. The motion is a pull-out motion manufactured in Europe.

BUTT BIN - Stainless Steel Bins

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Easy to maintain, simple to clean and lasting for years and years, these wall-mounted stainless steel bins and ashtrays keep your environment clear of unsightly cigarette butts.

CAESARSTONE - Durable, Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Finishes

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The first quartz surfacing company worldwide to carry global standard ISO 14001 certification for environmental protection in industry: complying with their environmental management policy, maintaining safety standards, observing eco-friendly production processes, and working with as many eco-friendly suppliers as possible. The nonporous nature of quartz surfaces prevents growth of surface mould and microbes and ensures a healthier environment and the low-maintenance requirements decrease the use of harmful detergents in the ecosystem.

CANNATA - Natural Stone

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Along with Second.Life recycled stone tops, Cannata & Sons, natural stone suppliers and manufacturers have upgraded their factory facility and implemented new systems to improve their processing techniques and contribute to sustainability. Waste from the regular manufacturing process is no longer being removed from the factory premises on a monthly basis as it is all being reproduced into other products. CANNATA is now offering and supplying a variety of products to other industries such as farmers and landscapers whilst maintaining their commitment to the Das 110% Green sustainability initiative.

CLEARSHIELD - Window Protection

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Converts the surface of glass from a high maintenance surface into a low maintenance "l-m" surface. This new smooth surface is "non-stick, and easy-to-clean". Less cleaning effort, lower frequency and low to no chemicals required = a green product, contributing to the environment. An excellent example is solar panels. Without Clearshield treatments on the glass surfaces, we will guarantee that the thermal efficiency of any roof top unit will drop by up to 20% in the first month. It has been proven that Clearshield slows the build up of contamination, and therefore increases the efficiency of such units.

COBA MATTING - Entrance Mats From Bottles And Tyres

COBA'S Enviro-Mat has some of the 'greenest' credentials. The effective entrance mat is manufactured from 100% recycled materials - plastic bottles and tyres. The heavy-duty recycled rubber backing holds the mat in position, while the attractive top surface (made from UV and fade resistant polyester carpet) has a raised surface to scrape dirt and wipe moisture. There are no borders to rip or tear. Available in blue or grey. Sizes 0.6m x 0.9m and 0.9m x 1.5m.


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A fresh approach…  From seed to centre-piece, Dandylion customizes growing gifts for events and corporate functions.

Dandylion consists of a team of horticulturists with a passion for plants, our planet and all things green. We offer a range of unique, innovative, living gifts as an alternative to traditional corporate gifts. Our product range consists of growing gifts made up of seeds, plants and bulbs.

Dandylion makes going green easy! We offer turn-around solutions to design, brand and customize each gift. Hand-made, seed embedded paper ensures our tags & care cards reinforce the green message - these can be sown & grown, after use. Our dedicated horticulturists offer expert advice for your specific event and budget.

Dandylion delivers direct to your office or event in all major centres and care instructions accompany all orders.


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Dandylion offers a range of hand-made paper items embedded with seed.

GROWING PAPER is made using flower, herb and vegetable seeds.

GROWING PAPER can be used to make up almost all basic stationery requirements, from business cards, to flyers, to paper aeroplanes and even desk calendars!

GROWING PAPER starts with the collection of old paper from a local school. This is processed into pulp, seed is added and the paper is then air dried.

The GROWING DESK CALENDAR is a particularly clever item! The seed varieties are selected according to the planting season and are changed for each month of the year. Our GROWING PAPER CALENDARS will ensure you have a well stocked vegetable/herb or flower garden all year round!

DAVID KRYNAUW - Unique Furniture And Lamps

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David grows trees on his own farm on a sustainable basis with his medium and long term goals being to produce most of his furniture out of the salvaged wood or timber that is grown in his forests.

DELTA-NET - Mosquito Netting

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Top quality mosquito netting, complying with World Health Organization standards, eliminate the need for toxic pest control chemicals and repellents.

DISTINCTIVE DESIGNS GROUP - Silk Plants and Silk Plant Designs

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Silk plants offer a great solution to the burden that goes hand-in-hand with taking care of plants. Everyone knows that plants offer an unmatched beauty and harmony to any environment, which is why Distinctive Designs supplies life-like artificial plants that will add an aesthetic charm to any area they grace.

The most significant advantage of artificial plants is that they can be custom-made to suit any unique requirement. In addition to this, they eliminate problems associated with live plants such as damage to carpets, untidiness, thinning of branches and continual maintenance. As they do not require external service teams, fake plants are less of a security risk than live plants and save water too.

These offer all the beauty and colour of real plants, without the hassle. Owning these stunning life-like plants and trees will give any home or office a welcoming ambience and with pots that add style and character, no place should be without at least some of Distinctive Designs’ visually effective products.

Silk plants are fast becoming a popular alternative to live plants, and this is largely due to their authenticity. 


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Eco Furniture Design specialises in crafting eco-friendly wooden furniture and décor, made from locally sourced reclaimed / sustainable timber and materials. The furniture can be made in either a rustic or contemporary style. Whether you come to us with a complete vision or looking for inspiration we are there to help.

ECONO-HEAT - Energy Saving Heater

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Econo-Heat wall panel heater is an energy saving heater.

Rated at 425 Watt we believe that it is the world's most economical heater. Compared with, for example, a 2000 Watt oil heater, it uses only 1/5th of the electricity that the oil heater would use. This means that you can heat a room at 20% of the electricity usage of an oil heater, or install five heaters in different rooms in your home and still use the same amount of electricity that one oil heater would use.

The Econo-Heat wall panel heater runs on the electricity of only four light bulbs.

EVENING BREEZE - A Gently Cooled Bed To Dream Away In Green Luxury

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Brilliant solution for our African climate. Save at least 60% of energy and provide your guests with an unmatched sleeping experience.

Air conditioners consume 80% of energy in your guest rooms. They use between 1,200 and 2,000 Watts, whereas Even Breeze uses only 400 Watt. This implies a yearly saving of 4 MWh or 2.5 tons of CO2 pollution.

Imagine the financial and ecological benefits, night after night…


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HUMANSCALE LIBERTY CHAIR - with form-sensing mesh technology, is unlike any mesh chair you've seen or experienced. With its tri-panel construction, Liberty has the body-fitting contours that single-panel stretch mesh chairs simply can't achieve. The Liberty Chair is 54% recycled content and is 93% recyclable. It weighs just 13Kgs, has significantly fewer components than any other task chair in it class and is GREENGAURD certified. CINTO STACKING CHAIRS - comfortable and ergonomic, finally a comfortable stacking chair. Made of steel and polypropylene with an elastomer belt. 100% recyclable. Weighs just 13 lbs with fixed arms; 12 lbs when armless. Quick and easy to disassemble. Replaceable components. Humanscale will assist the owner to ensure Cinto is recycled properly.

FORMFUNC STUDIO - Furniture In Hostex Greenstuff Hotel Project

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RECEPTION DESK and DINING TABLE - from 100% post consumer recycled cardboard as substitute for MDF and chipboard, which have high levels of VOC. Weight also reduced by 60%. Reconstituted White Oak Veneer and Solid White Oak are sourced from FSC certified plantations. COFFEE TABLE - made from BambooWAN; naturally grown, strong and resilient and growing at one meter per day makes it incredibly sustainable.

FULL STRETCH DISPLAY - Sustainable Graphic Solutions

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Full Stretch Display has designed as a "system" that can be expanded and reconfigured to meet changing needs. Users are more likely to change graphics or add pieces instead of discarding & replacing parts. Various recyclable components include aluminium, steel and ABS Plastics.

GEBERIT - Wall Hung Toilets And Electronic Taps

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Geberit produces highly developed, reliable, sustainable, and optimally coordinated sanitary and piping systems. Environmental aspects are taken into consideration as early as the initial phase of the development process. Eco-Design as the key to environmentally friendly products ensures that the most environmentally friendly materials as possible are used, that risks are minimized and a high efficiency of resources is achieved. Eco-Design workshops include a systematic product analysis during all life phases, the involvement of statutory requirements as well as the analysis of competitor products. Life cycle assessments for products are valuable decision-making aids in this respect.

GREEN COIL - Natural And Long Lasting Mattresses

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A recent and independent study that determined the ecological footprint of natural Latex products showed that the use of natural latex significantly improves energy consumption and CO2 emission in comparison with other sleeping alternatives. Expect 20-30 year life span from your new Revor mattress which lasts 2 to 3 times longer than other mattresses and has less impact on the environment.


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Furniture and decor with materials from sustainable sources and made using non toxic, natural products. A network of South African suppliers of eco friendly products and services, specialising in ongoing research and development to facilitate greener lifestyles in homes and environmentally sustainable management and operation of tourism destinations.

GROW A TREE - Goodie Bag Gifts

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Grow a tree is a starter pack, that teaches you to grow a tree from a seed. The idea is to grow a tree from a seed to one day plant it in a community area. Choose between the 2kg Starter Pack or the 1kg Baby Pack, each available in either White, Green or Brown Hessian covers.

HANSGROHE - Water Saving Shower Rose

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Hansgrohe recently broadened its already expansive World of Styles bathroom faucet and shower offering, with the addition of two new showerheads and two new hand showers, all carrying the "Croma 100" name. In addition, Hansgrohe is offering a green version of each of the four models.

Providing the full, drenching coverage of a conventional high-end hand shower or showerhead, the green options do so at a water-saving flow rate of only 1.8 gallons per minute (gpm).

HASTENS BEDS - Exclusive Luxury 100% Natural Beds

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Hästens Beds are the only entirely natural beds available in South Africa. They are totally eco-friendly and are handmade using the finest natural materials. Nature is alive - and so are the materials they work with.

Hästens beds are made exclusively from hard-wearing natural materials, such as horsehair, flax, wool, cotton, down and pine from the forests of northern Sweden. Their beds meet the stringent environmental requirements set by SIS Miljomarkning and carry the strict Swan certification as well as Oeko-Tex 100 approval.

HEATH NASH - Recycled Scrap To Funky Designs

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Heath Nash recycles scrap into beauty with funky designs. Lightshades, light fittings, floor surfaces, candle holders and kitchen accessories made from materials that would otherwise end up in landfill - creating employment opportunities at the same time.

HM DESIGNS - Furniture Design

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Sustainable principles applied to furniture design: flexibility of use, timelessness, durability, efficient use of material and energy, the use of non toxic / natural / renewable / reusable / recycled / recyclable resources.

I AM GREEN - ‘Green’ Promotional Products

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I am Green offer an extensive range of quality 'Green' alternatives to products commonly used in corporate marketing and promotion merchandise. On offer are a wide range of products, from stationary, tote bags and t-shirts to indigenous trees. Key to their business plan is investing in job creation, skills development and local economy stimulation. Their products, made from Recycled, Biodegradable or Renewable content, tell a story of their origin and the possibility of a sustainable future, whilst simultaneously marketing your company's brand.

INTERFACEFLOR - Modular Carpet Solutions

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Interfaceflor provide flooring solutions for various areas including bedrooms, corridors lobbies, conference rooms, leisure facilities, restaurants, discos and bar areas.

They are committed to a shared vision and are recognised as one of the world's most environmentally progressive companies. "Mission Zero" is THEIR promise to completely eliminate the negative impact their company may have on the environment by 2020.

IRONWOOD CREATIONS - Recycled Aluminium

Rust resistant items creatively designed and re-manufactured using ingots from a foundry that smelts scrap aluminium into the pure ingots. The scrap comes from old car engine parts and old machinery that is no longer used.


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The Crystal Aire Purifier is a non-chemical air purifying and revitalising process which assists in the elimination of bacteria, pet and tobacco odours. The air is cleaned, purified and revitalised by means of an aqua filter (the air is filtered through water) and the purifier concentrates are made from only natural ingredients. This process ensures that the air is cleaner after using these products with healthy emissions (no toxic emissions whatsoever). The Crystal Aire Purifier has low power usage and a low carbon footprint.

KIWINET - Linen Mosquito Nets

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Mosquito nets are made from genuine linen mosquito netting and each net is finished with cotton edging on the openings and a wide cotton border.


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Ecofibre meets the imperative to reduce, re-use and recycle using a method that processes used rubber tyres into a variety of products. Ecofibre is generated from used tyres and moulded into a range of litterbins and planters, perfect for indoors and outdoors. The bins and pots vary in sizes between 1.5m high and 1.2m wide.

LEECHI DESIGNS - Hand Crafted Cushions

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Leechi Designs manufactures a range of cushions and throws. We support local suppliers, selecting leathers and fabrics unique to South Africa. Our Springbok and Nguni leather are by-products from the meat industry. We minimises waste by using small panels and blocks of leather and fabric off cuts. We practice recycling; we also donate our small leather pieces to local community projects. Our staff are from previous disadvantage areas and many work from home, helping with the carbon footprint and supporting working mothers who have children to care for.

LG ELECTRONICS - Hotel Television

Integrated with intelligent sensor and MPEG-4H 264 decoding, these model deliver a new level of refinement in high definition viewing. Provide a premium level of in-room entertainment, movies, shows and sports are enhanced by a fantastic dynamic contrast ratio.

LIFSON PRODUCTS - Duvets And Pillows From Corn

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INGEO products are proof that you can be creative and innovative while respecting nature and the environment. Lifson Products brings you Ingeo fibres, the world's first to be obtained from annually renewable and totally biodegradable agricultural resources. Casing: 100% cotton, complies OEKO-Tex standard 100 (free from harmful chemicals). Filling: INGEO fibres.


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Pure linen bedding is incomparably cool, fresh and comfortable. A strong natural fibre derived from the flax plant, it is more durable than cotton which results in a lifespan that can be up to 3 times longer than cotton percale bedding. The fabric becomes softer and even more luxurious with washing. Pure linen does crease with washing and this adds to its “charm.” This creasing does however reduce after a few washes. As the linen fibre comes from the flax plant, it is considered to have natural antiseptic properties. Being a pure, natural product, it also has hypoallergenic properties. Flax is a pure natural product that is MUCH stronger than cotton or cotton / polyester blends and linen bedding has been known to last up to 20 years. The flax plant uses far less water than cotton and its cultivation requires no toxic fertilizers, pesticides and bleaching chemicals.  In fact, it is probably the “greenest” textile for bedding.

MAGNASTRUCT - Magna Board, A “Green” Product And Recyclable

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Magna board is a "low tech" and "energy friendly" product. Magna board production is simple, energy efficient, and produces extremely few "greenhouse" gases... The manufacturing process of Magna board is eco friendly. Unlike, for example, the gypsum based drywalls that produce thousands of tons of green house gases annually in the manufacturing and drying process; Magna board is naturally dried and cured with no chemicals or heating, eliminating the power intensive drying process. Magnesium Oxide, the main ingredient in the boards covers over 8% of the earth's surface so the product is very sustainable too.

MATCHLESS CANDLES - Heat, Wax, Flame And Oil Free Candles

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Rechargeable LED T-Lights and Lamps. LED bulbs can reduce energy consumption by 80-90% and last around 100,000 hours. Less carcinogen compounds as found in wax candles. No soot or dripping hot wax. Energy saving, safe, economical and easy to use.

MATCO - Trio Scraper Mat

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Produced entirely with green energy provided by 1800 m² of solar panels by our Belgian partner Debomat, Trio Scraper entrance matting is designed with built-in cleaning zones which collect sand and dirt, preventing the dirt from entering the building. Daily cleaning can thus be shifted to weekly cleaning, greatly reducing the usage of electricity and cleaning chemicals. Trio Scraper is an extremely hard wearing and functional access mat which has been specified extensively for high traffic applications.

McCLOUD’S - Pure Wool Duvets

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Only 100% pure virgin wool is used in McCloud’s wool duvets. Wool is a natural fibre which regulates the body’s temperature and is renewable. It’s cooler in summer, warmer in winter and ultra light. Wool can absorb moisture up to 30% of its own weight without feeling damp. This results in a more comfortable sleep and has added benefit for people with arthritis, rheumatism and other muscular problems. Wool is hypo-allergenic, naturally dust mite free and prevents the build-up of mould and dew in the bedding.

METAL GRAPHICS – Aluminium Products

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Metal Graphics create custom made aluminium products. Aluminium does not corrode and is 100% recyclable, eco friendly and has a low carbon footprint. Aluminium is also rust resistant which makes it very durable, hygienic, long lasting and extremely flexible. Its 3 times lighter than steel although it attains steel’s high strength characteristics. Because of its brilliant recyclability it lasts longer than most other materials.

MIDAS EARTHCOTE - Enviro Lite Paints

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Midas Earthcote has produced Enviro Lite paints. Our mission to promote, encourage and facilitate green building in the property and construction industry. These paints contain minimal VOCs in specially formulated environment friendly water based paint range containing zero glycol, apeo, lead, ammonia and formaldehyde.


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Milestone Kitchens use wood from sustainable forests. Their paints are all water based. 90% of the products they use in their manufacturing process is purposely sourced from SA and they only use SA labour. No harmful or toxic varnishes are used on any products.

MOSO Africa - Bamboo Products

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Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth – some species can grow at a metre per day! Because of its fast growth rate, bamboo is one of the most sustainable and rapidly renewable construction materials on earth. Bamboo forests also absorb more CO2 per hectare than tropical rainforests. Independent experts at Technical University Delft (Netherlands) have shown that MOSO solid bamboo products are carbon neutral after final installation, on a life-cycle basis (LCA). MOSO bamboo products are hard, durable and sustainable – the responsible alternative to hardwood timber. All MOSO products are European certified, and FSC / E0 certification is available on request.

MUNGO DESIGN - Hand Woven, Traditional Cloth

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Established by master Weaver, Stuart Holding, Mungo dynamically fuse contemporary and classical influences using 100% South African cotton, pure Irish linen, Italian chenille, bamboo and combinations of these yarns, they practice fair trade, respect the natural environment and empower local communities

NATUREPEDIC - Organic Collection

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Our Organic Cashmere & Natural Bamboo Fabrics are not only very comfortable and soft on the skin, they are bio-degradable and friendly to the environment. Our natural Cashmere fabric offers an extremely soft sleep and comfort with excellent moisture and thermal regulation. Our natural Bamboo fabric keeps you cool in the summer and snug in the winter. It's inherent anti-bacterial properties make Bamboo the ideal material for people with allergies. The soft and luxurious feel of Bamboo ensures maximum sleep comfort. It's anti-bacterial and fungicidal components also serve as a natural deodorant ensuring your mattress ticking always smells as fresh as new.

ORANGE TREE FURNITURE - Sustainable Furniture

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This exclusive range of furniture is created from redundant citrus trees that are cleared for the re-establishment of new orchards. The wood is an excellent hardwood and, in its raw state, reflects the character of its productive cycle. The recycling of this beautiful wood makes the furniture a sustainable green product.

PORCUPINE CERAMICS - Eco And Socially Caring

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Located on the foothills of the Outeniqua mountains is a studio that makes art pieces of superior African creativity. Porcupine employs staff from the surrounding areas, all of whom have been trained in their skill, and encouraged to strive for personal growth within the framework of a team of highly creative people. Their industry is environmentally friendly, producing less than four bags of waste (mainly paper and plastic) per week.

PROTOVATE - Conscious Concepts

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At Protovate our talented team of industrial and visual designers, create environmentally conscious concept products and furniture to our clients. Working primarily with forestry council certified sustainable timber, we are committed to actualizing your vision with a dedicated team and keen craft. Our dream is to grow beyond using sustainable wood, and start producing indigenous timber in South Africa. By, growing locally, we can create jobs, support the environment and build our local economy.

REBTEX SISAL - Sisal Matting Backed With Natural Latex

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Carpeting and rugs from the Agave Sisalana plant. Leaves are handpicked before being crushed to extract the pure white fibres known as sisal. Carpets are woven in different patterns and backed with natural latex. Hardwearing, excellent anti static qualities, soft enough for bedrooms, tough enough for offices and hotels.

REST ASSURED - Natural Being Materials

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Rest Assured beds use coir and cotton wadding for their insulator pads. The insulator pad makes out quite a big percentage of the total weight of the mattress. Further environmental impact is taken in that the base frames are made from natural pine.

RODLIN DESIGN - Supply Certified Sico

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SICO's environmental management system at its Longueuil (QC) facility has been certified to the ISO 14001 Standard by one of the North America leading management system registrars (QMI). To achieve ISO 14001 certification, a company must establish and maintain a detailed environmental management system that allows companies to identify and take the required actions to reduce environmental and health risks, and consistently improves the company's environmental performance.

RUBALOY - Interlocking Mats Made From Recycled Plastic & Rubber

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The perfect eco-green answer for your kitchen, bar and gym floors and pool surrounds. Made from recycled plastic and rubber and 100% recyclable themselves they are anti-slip, strong, easy to install and resistant to most chemicals.

SALTO SYSTEMS - Environmental Excellence

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By meeting the ISO 14001 standard, SALTO Systems can demonstrate its commitment to achieving both legal and regulatory compliance whilst presenting itself as a forward thinking, environmentally aware business. ISO 14001, which is an internationally accepted standard, exists to address the balance between maintaining profitability whilst reducing environmental impact. With the successful award of ISO 14001 certification by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance; the company aims to further strengthen its standards of sustainability. By integrating improved environmental and ecological processes into its existing management system, internal processes and organisation will be enhanced and optimised accordingly.

SERVEST OFFICE PLANTS - Fresh And Silk Indoor Plants

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Indoor or decorative plants are beneficial to an environment. Besides their decorative purposes, plants make for a cleaner, healthier and more pleasant working environment, reducing fatigue, headaches, and dry skin, throat and eye irritations.  Plants reduce your carbon footprint and also absorb sound.

SHELF SPACE - Slatted Shelving For Airflow Around Stored Linen

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Manufacturers of a slatted timber shelving system. Ideal for linen storage due to the air flow between the slats. Their product is manufactured from certified timber and is 100% recyclable.

SIDE ATTRACTION3 - Soft Furnishings

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Locally designed and manufactured cushions, throws and lampshades. Woven from hemp, linen and cotton using natural pigment dyes and eco friendly water-based printing inks. Many by local community groups.


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Materials for Silhouette's range of teak outdoor furniture is all responsibly sourced from FSC accredited Indonesian suppliers. They also manufacture a range of fully weatherproof aluminum furniture which is rust-free, lightweight and lasts a lifetime.

SIMMONS - Refresh, Don’t Replace Beds

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Refresh, don't replace tired mattresses. The Simmons HealthSmart Contract range of products are designed to assist hoteliers and housekeepers overcome problems with stains / spillage and comfort variances with guests. The product offers a zippable top that can be dry cleaned or replaced to refresh the mattress sleeping surface.


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Eco-printed and Eco-dyed products uses plant materials and reclaimed metals to create beautifully organic prints and colours on new (when possible organic) and recycled natural fibers. The plant materials are harvested in a sustainable way, never taking more the plants can afford to give and making use of fallen leaves when available. The process draws on ancient dyeing knowledge and contemporary discoveries without the use of chemicals. Spent leaves are returned to nature and dye pots emptied into the garden... The resulting fabrics captures the spirits of the plants they come from and exudes beauty, integrity and a sense of mystery.

SWISS ECO TAPS - Water Saving Taps

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The most energy efficient faucet worldwide saves 100% on energy and reduces water consumption by 90%. The Swiss Eco Tap is already in use at the world’s first zero-energy skyscraper hotel “Aquaturm” in Germany. We’ve won numerous awards such as the 2015 Good Green Design award (founded 1950) selected from over 100 green design submissions across 22 nations. The average traditional faucet uses +15lt of water per minute at 3bar where our faucets only uses 650ml per minute at 3bar pressure. Swiss Eco Line – ‘Saving our most precious resource one tap at a time’.

TALUKA - 100% Recycled Goods

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Manufactured from 100% recycled goods; 100% recyclable. No timber used during manufacture or incorporated in material. Zero wastage production policy [full waste recycling]. Strict water recycling policy during manufacturing process. Member of the Green Building council and committed to their objectives.

TECHNILAMP - Infra Red Zone Heater, Heats People, Not The Environment

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Technilamp's Infra Red Zone Heater is a pure, instant and radiant heating system. It is 70% more cost effective than gas and there is no risk of explosions from burning gas bottles. This is intelligent, maintenance free heating for environmental area heating this winter; clean, economical and cost effective.

TECHNOSWISS - Saving electricity!

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Technoswiss is committed to supplying safe, secure products. All their products are subject to the strictest quality control, conform to the highest European & South African standards, and offer generous guarantees.

Technoswiss is committed to protecting the environment by sourcing products that minimize waste and the excessive use of electricity.

TOWN & COUNTRY - Custom Furniture To Eco Standards

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Furniture manufacturers and interior design. Custom design and manufacture of items to your eco standards on request.

TURBO VENT AFRICA - Energy Efficient Cooling Systems

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Turbo Vent Africa introduces - Turbo-Vent and Breezair - energy efficient evaporative cooling systems that use natural cooling to ventilate a building. Fresh air is drawn through finely honeycombed filter pads which not only filter out dust particles, pollen and other airborne contaminants, but also cool the air passing through them (water in the pads cools the air as it flows past). Energy efficient, very quiet and can be run off solar power.

VALIRYO - Energy Efficient Body Dryer

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VALIRYO® - the most efficient body dryer - reduces the environmental impact arising from washing and drying bath towels. Dry in less than 3 minutes. There is no more need to wash towels. Adjustable temperature and intensity. Installable inside or outside the shower. Enjoy complete autonomy with motion sensor. Economic and environmental saving.

VENEER TECH - E-Lite Composite Panels

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E-Lite patented SIP's (structurally insulated panels), provide a visionary twist on traditional SIP's, which use expanded polystyrene or other petroleum based cores. E-Lite products are environmentally friendly, composite panels, that are light weight yet incredibly strong, because they copy nature's design, by using recycled paper that is expanded and dried, to create the honeycomb core - a fire retardant insulator and sound barrier. Suitable for exterior and interior walls, partitioning, cladding, furniture, doors, ceilings, shop fitting, and more.


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Versus Paint Specialists have formulated a coating that meets all the requirements of being a durable and cost-effective, eco-friendly paint. Their coatings have less than 16 grams/litre of VOCs, contain non-toxic pigments and have minimal biocide content. Guaranteed to last for 10 years, virtually maintenance-free, and are suitable for new construction and redecoration.

VERTICAL LANDSCAPES - Greening Of Urban Areas

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Vertical gardens absorb gaseous pollutants and carbon-dioxide and breathe out oxygen, leading to reduced air-conditioning requirements and carbon emissions. They insulate buildings against noise and outside temperature changes, extending the building envelope life and provide protected spaces for birds, bees and butterflies, contributing to biological diversity. They directly reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect, a phenomenon caused by the centralised heat produced by our cities. The installation of Vertical Landscapes can earn property developers green building credits.

WARISAN - Eco-Friendly Furniture

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From Warisan’s beginnings, our use of renewable materials, the making of long-lasting products and the pursuit of a manufacturing process with the lowest possible impact on the environment have always been a priority.

All timber used is derived from government or private plantations which follow a sustainable harvesting system.  When resources are available, we use recycled timbers and post-consumer materials.

Non-toxic colours, finishes and glues are used whenever possible.


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We strive to be green by promoting the following in all our wooden furniture. We use only certified timber and materials that have been sustainably grown. We use Low-VOC or water-based foams, glues and finishes. We use Metal for our recliner mechanism, which are fully recyclable. We use minimum Wrapping material, as we re-use blankets to protect, store and transport our furniture. We use batting that is bio-based instead of oil-based by using down and feathers for our high-end cushions on our leather sofas. We also re-use our off-cut genuine leather for scatter cushions.

YONA YODWA - Products from Reclaimed Material

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Yona Yodwa use reclaimed material to make new products. They minimise waste in the design of their handbags, by cutting as little as possible and allowing the material to guide the product instead of forcing a product onto a piece of material creating waste.