Pure linen bedding is incomparably cool, fresh and comfortable. A strong natural fibre derived from the flax plant, it is more durable than cotton which results in a lifespan that can be up to 3 times longer than cotton percale bedding. The fabric becomes softer and even more luxurious with washing. Pure linen does crease with washing and this adds to its “charm.” This creasing does however reduce after a few washes. As the linen fibre comes from the flax plant, it is considered to have natural antiseptic properties. Being a pure, natural product, it also has hypoallergenic properties. Flax is a pure natural product that is MUCH stronger than cotton or cotton / polyester blends and linen bedding has been known to last up to 20 years. The flax plant uses far less water than cotton and its cultivation requires no toxic fertilizers, pesticides and bleaching chemicals.  In fact, it is probably the “greenest” textile for bedding.