SAPONERA - 100% Natural, Made Purely From Plants

Saponera believes there are simply too few natural skin care options that are better for us and better for the environment. The word ‘natural’ is too often misleading. Many products contain hidden ingredients that we overlook for lack of a better choice. Saponera is 100% natural, made purely from plants. Our passion is to empower you to make the choice that has less impact on your skin and less impact on our water. Cruelty free; vegan; 100% natural; grey water safe; biodegradable. Free from: Petrochemicals, Phthalates, SLS, Chlorine, Dyes, Caustics, Synthetic Oils. Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cacao Seed Butter, Essential Oils. Made naturally with Cacao Pod Ash.