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EARTH KIND - Non-toxic Cleaning Products

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Earth Kind is a company with a strong commitment to the environment. Our products are revolutionary, that it answers the need for safer, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use products. With the use of our products, your working environment will be bacteria free and cleaner. In addition, our produces helps to increase overall staff efficiency, reduce costly maintenance and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals and special handling procedures.

GREEN STATIONERY - Eco-Friendly Sanitiser And Cleaning Aids

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VIRUS GOBBLER is an enzyme-based, eco-friendly, alcohol-free sanitiser. It is locally manufactured and conforms to all international standards with an excellent 99.999% kill rate of enveloped viruses within 5 minutes. Besides being friendlier to the environment it is softer on the hands and not open to alcohol abuse.

  • Tested and approved to SANS 51276/EN 1276 log 5 disinfection standard
  • Non-toxic, non-volatile, non-corrosive
  • Long lasting residual skin protection
  • Locally manufactured sanitizer
  • Bio-degrades to water and carbon dioxide

YEMVELO HYGIENE - Covid-19 Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

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By constantly sanitising and disinfecting, we inadvertently create a food source for pathogen regrowth in a now unchallenged environment where they grow back faster than before. With biotechnology, good bacteria rapidly search for food and space, and quickly starve the pathogens of their food source – this is known as competitive exclusion. The pathogens die and cannot build up immunity to this process. Biotechnology keeps working for hours or days after application ensuring a cleaner, safer and more productive environment. Efficacy improves with continued use. Our COVID-19 Essentials include: 50 Gobbler™ cleaner and sanitiser; Virus Gobbler™ disinfectant; Probiotic hand & body wash; Viru-Guard 80 hand sanitiser.

YEMVELO HYGIENE - Reasonably Priced, High Performance, Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

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Bio-enzyme and eco-chemical technology has been proven to cost less than traditional chemical products, while obtaining a higher level of cleanliness and hygiene. By using beneficial enzyme-producing micro-organisms, virtually any organic build up can be far more effectively cleaned, bio-degraded and removed than with traditional harmful chemicals. Organic build up is permanently broken down into carbon dioxide and water - safe for the water reticulation system. Eco-Choice Africa has certified our enzyme-based products as environmentally responsible. Yemvelo Hygiene only distributes cleaning agents produced in South Africa. Local manufacturing means products that perform better in our local conditions, job creation and almost no carbon footprint.