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B&C AGRICULTURAL TRADING – Waste2Dust Composting Machine

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Waste2Dust, offers a composting machine that turns most of your waste into immature compost, within 24 hours. Machines vary from a household unit, to a large food market unit that can compost up to 500 ton of waste per year. Reduces the waste by as much as 90% in volume in 24 hours. No waste water Low Odour. Hygiene eliminate potentially harmful pathogens and Bacteria. Low maintenance as well as low noise. Improved in store Hygiene and reduced Health Hazards from Perished or wasted foods. Improved Pest control.

FEVER-TREE - Natural Insect Repellent

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Fever-Tree offers natural non-toxic options to repel flies and mosquitoes. Keep flies away from food. Offer customers natural alternative to mosquito repellency. Delightfully fragranced and proven by the SABS to be the most effective natural non-toxic fly and mosquito repellent. We offer several fragrances candle options. Electric vaporisers are available in standalone and painted porcelain / ceramic designs.


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Furniture and decor with materials from sustainable sources and made using non toxic, natural products. A network of South African suppliers of eco friendly products and services, specialising in ongoing research and development to facilitate greener lifestyles in homes and environmentally sustainable management and operation of tourism destinations.

GREEN PEST CONTROL - Natural Fly Repellent

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I also make use of natural fragrances that are vaporised by my air purifying machine to repel flies from the home. Flies are attracted to food odours and this machine removes these odours and replaces it with a natural blend of essential oils. So no need for poison to be used in the home to kill flies. The flies hate the fragrance and will leave. The machine can also be used outside as long as there is access to a power point. Fragrances can be purchased from us separately.

GREEN PEST CONTROL - Save The Owls - Stop Using Dangerous Poisons

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I am passionate about saving owls and other raptors from being poisoned by single feed rodenticides. We promote the use of poison free, electronic rat/mouse traps that kill rodents quickly and humanely resulting in a sure kill. No blood, no mess and no need to touch the dead rodent. Simply empty the rat into a refuse bin. The traps are powered by alkaline batteries. My slogan is SAVE THE OWLS - STOP USING DANGEROUS POISONS. I have 2 machines, one for indoors and one for outdoors.

SYCRO GROUP - Eco-mist

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The Eco-mist Aerosol Dispensing System is the world’s most advanced electronically controlled Automatic Aerosol Dispenser and selected ozone friendly aerosol products designed to enhance the environment, it’s now available from Sycro Distribution.

These Eco-mist aerosols are non-irritant, environmentally friendly and contain no CFCs. There are now four main product areas, which include insect control, odour neutralisation, fragrance and aromatherapy.

TALBORNE ORGANICS - Certified Organic Fertilizers

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Do you aspire to excellence in your ornamental & edible gardens and lawns?

Talborne Organics is the trusted supplier of Certified Organic Fertilizers, Soil Conditioners and Garden Pest & Disease Solutions for PURE PERFORMANCE!

“The Talborne Organics family is guided by the belief that a Healthy Soil grows healthy Plants, which feed healthy Animals and People, thereby creating a healthy, safe and sustainable Environment for all to enjoy!”


  • VITA Organic Fertilizer 
  • BIOGROW Pest & Disease Control
  • FERTILIS Earthworm Castings

WYNNYA - “No-Toiletry-Litter”

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In a world where toxins and waste confront us around every corner, the Wynnya range of all-natural, alternative skin and health care products is a breath of fresh air. Carefully created by Monika Rowe, Wynnya offers a truly “green” approach to skin and environmental care. Wynnya created a Zero-Waste range for the hospitality sector, where “no-toiletry-litter” meets a natural alternative that supports skills development in its production. Shampoo, Soap and Body Butter bars are presented in a reusable linen bag, crafted by enthusiastic people at the development centre. Wynnya has also developed a natural approach to Mosquito and Insect repellents. These include a room diffuser in a petridish, which lasts for months. Beeswax candles with wooden wicks in a reusable Wick Jar, incense sticks to enjoy the outdoors, a spray and a roll-on to cover exposed skin from head to toe in a safe, natural and harmless way.