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B&C AGRICULTURAL TRADING – Waste2Dust Composting Machine

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Waste2Dust, offers a composting machine that turns most of your waste into immature compost, within 24 hours. Machines vary from a household unit, to a large food market unit that can compost up to 500 ton of waste per year. Reduces the waste by as much as 90% in volume in 24 hours. No waste water Low Odour. Hygiene eliminate potentially harmful pathogens and Bacteria. Low maintenance as well as low noise. Improved in store Hygiene and reduced Health Hazards from Perished or wasted foods. Improved Pest control.

BUFFET-WORLD - Bugambilia Range!

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One of our ranges, Bugambilia, with our non breakable resin coated aluminium in 22 colours with a choice of 600 shapes and sizes!

  • Made of recycled aluminium.
  • 3 year warranty for cold service.

View this range here >>>  Bugambilia Classic Collection

BUFFET-WORLD - Induction Cookware

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Beautiful Cookware by Andy Mannhart available from Buffet-World

Attractive multifunctional coloured pans available in the rainbow colours: Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow and White

  • Made of 3-ply stainless steel material, suitable for electric, gas, ceran and induction
  • Perfect heat transmission
  • Cook and present your food in the same pan
  • Lid specially modified, it can be stored on top or on the side of the pan, equipped with a steam-release
  • Special paint, heat-resistant (Whitford Technology), please handle with care.
  • Do not clean with hard sponge, use soft detergent

See more details here >>>  Rainbow Collection

CAPE FYNBOS TEA - Organic Honeybush Tea

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Organic honeybush tea packaged and sealed individually for freshness. Delicious and filled with health benefits. Caffeine free and rich in antioxidants. We are also the first honeybush tea to be granted the CANSA Smart Choice Seal of Recognition from the Cancer Association of South Africa. Authentic South African.  


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Chocolate Time products are freshly made to order, locally usually the best ingredients, handmade and hand wrapped. Included in our range are sugar free & carob chocolates. Chocolate Time is currently putting together an organic chocolate range and uses minimal and biodegradable packaging where possible.

EARTHSHINE - Organic Plant Based Snacks and Wholefoods

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Hand made in our Eco factory in the shadow of table mountain, our range of snacks and superfoods has been setting health trends in SA for over a decade now. African cacao chocolates with added superfoods, dehydrated raw chips with added natural ferments and probiotics. Snacks made with fresh local farm produce and African superfoods, just a taste of our extensive catalogue of around 100 products. We also specialise in affordable bulk superfoods to hotels, restaurants and cafes, 1kg bags and 5kg re-usable buckets. All delicious, healthy, on trend and sustainably made with care for both the consumer and the planet.

ECOPACK - Biodegradable Food Packaging

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EcoPack’s products are made from renewable, plant-based resources and are 100% compostable and biodegradable. Our clear products are manufactured from IngeoTM PLA (polylactic acid), a polymer derived from corn starch and our coffee cups are made with paper sourced from managed plantations, which is lined with a thin layer of PLA, to prevent them from leaking. Our Bagasse products are made from sugarcane (a waste product of the sugar industry) and are a viable alternative to Polystyrene.

ECOPACK - Paper Straws

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EcoPack now also supply paper straws - an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic straws.

ENVIROMALL - Coffee Cup Range

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We offer a vast range of plant-based lined Coffee cups – fully customisable if required. Made from FSC certified paper and is fully compostable.

ENVIROMALL - Compostable Kraft Box Range

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Made from 15% recycled content and certified Natural kraft paper. These robust products are leak proof and sturdy as they are lined with a natural coating allowing the product to be oil free but still water and oil resistant.

ENVIROMALL - Range of Bagasse Takeaway Food Items

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Our takeaway range is made from a renewable resource – sugarcane and is fully compostable and biodegradable. Bagasse, made from sugarcane pulp, is tougher than non-renewable cardboard and foam packaging and has no effect on the flavour of its food contents. It is able to withstand high temperatures and is microwaveable and freezer friendly. 

G & R TRADERS - No-Squito Lotion and Spray

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No-Squito Lotion and Spray available in 150ml/125ml or the small branded bottles 30ml/50ml. A combination of Natural Plant Oils is the base with organic actives and Lemongrass Oil. The product is Organic, Natural, Bio-Degradable, Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic. Completely Safe ( Contains No Harmful Or Toxic Ingredients ) for children and adults to use. Can be sprayed/rubbed over the whole body from head to toe to chase away all those irritating and biting insects.  Can be used as often as required. Assists in the prevention of insect bites. Ingredients: Water, Coconut Oil, Neem Oil, Lemongrass, & Preservatives.

GO ORGANIC - Organic Directory

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The purpose of is to educate and increase the acceptance of organic methods in South Africa and facilitate trade between makers, sellers and users of organic products. They supply and trade in all mainstream and niche market certified organic and natural products, including: fruit, vegetables, herbs, wine, flowers, essential oils, food flavourants, dairy, fish, mushrooms, traditional medicines, health and beauty, maize, wheat, grain, corn, soya, input products e.g. composts, pest control, feeds.


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Paper straws available in a variety of colours and designs. Sizes: 6 mm diameter for cold drinks, 8 mm for smoothies/milkshakes. Can be left in liquid for an hour without becoming soggy. Most major hospitality chains are changing to paper from plastic.


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All our shoes are as eco-friendly as possible. We use REAL FULL-GRAIN leather. We are one of the few manufacturers in the country using leather insoles rather than the industry board. This allows the shoes to be re-soled over and over again (which many of our customers do). We recycle as much of our materials as possible, returning rubber off-cuts and crepe to be ground down as well as having bins outside the shop so people can help themselves to our leather off-cuts.


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Hemp Oil contains rich nourishment and is recognised by medical science as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Taken internally this naturally healing oil reduces cholesterol, high blood pressure and the symptoms of diabetes II, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid/osteo-arthritis. The essential hemp nutrition obtained from this amazing oil can reduce the pain and stiffness of arthritic joints and significantly increase mobility.


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We are not certified organic but we practice very good farming methods using insect traps for example and minimal sprays, all of which conform to the EU regulations. Also our fruit is regularly tested for the Minimum Residue Level (MRL test).

Fruit that cannot be grown here (redcurrants, blackcurrants, cranberries etc) is imported from the EU or Chile - not China via a European front company!

MAUNGO CRAFT PRESERVES - Organic Jams and Preserves

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Maungo Craft creates Award-Winning preserves using a blend of indigenous fruits that grow wild in Botswana and infuses contemporary flavours. These fruits are harvested wild and free of pesticides and are also GMO-free. You cannot get more organic than that. We make MORE fruit, less sugar natural preserves for your enjoyment. Maungo Craft not only puts culture in a bottle, but does so using the wild goodness of Botswana.

MIKO PURO - Fairtrade Coffee Products

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Miko Puro have promised that for Every Kilo of Puro sold, Puro gives "from its own margin" R15.00 to Fairtrade and R3.00 to the Rainforest Fund with the World Land Trust.

Every Kilo they sell saves an ACRE of rainforest and every cup their customer serves saves a tree. 1355 acres of rainforest have been saved so far. They offer a complete range of coffee and tea products and equipment.


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Milestone Kitchens use wood from sustainable forests. Their paints are all water based. 90% of the products they use in their manufacturing process is purposely sourced from SA and they only use SA labour. No harmful or toxic varnishes are used on any products.

NATURAL LIFE - Water Bottles

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Natural Life stainless steel water bottles are made from 304 stainless steel and have a copper lining to keep water cold for over 24 hours and hot for over 12 hours. They are powder coated to reduce scratching and can be customised as required. 

NICOLSON RUSSELL - Bamboobino Baby And Toddler Range

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Made from natural, organic, biodegradable, recyclable bamboo, grown and harvested with no pesticides or chemicals. Easy to clean. Cool to touch. Suitable for toddlers and beyond. Plates and bowls have a super suction on them, which can be removed for older children. Available in Pink, Blue, Mint Green and Lavender The suction works on an airtight mechanism to ensure a firm grip to highchair and table. Plates have 2/3 sections, perfect for separating food, assisting in creating balanced diets. Comes with a spoon feeder. Both the suction base and spoon are made from FDA approved 100% silicone, free of plastic, BPA, PVC and phthalates Care instructions: Wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Not for microwaves, ovens, dishwashers or freezers.

NICOLSON RUSSELL - Biodegradable napkins

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We are also proud to offer our new biodegradable napkins. We have  new designs in a  variety of colours. Another eco-aware move as people are moving away from using napkins as they are wasteful of water (especially in CPT and other drought affected areas). They are also made locally to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting them from overseas.

NICOLSON RUSSELL - Stainless Steel Straws

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Following the important trend of no more plastic straws, Nicolson Russell is proud to manufacture eco-friendly straws - made from 18/10 stainless steel (this insures the taste is not affected - lower grades of stainless steel  can affect the taste of drinks). Our straws are plated in titanium for longevity - we can offer a variety of  colours: black, rose gold, gold, blue, rainbow and plain stainless steel. We offer bent or straight 6mm diameter straws that are all dishwasher safe.

ORYX DESERT SALT - Sustainable & Renewable

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The underground streams converge and replenish an ancient underground lake of 55million tons from which the salt water is pumped, laid on the pan under the hot Kalahari sun and sun-dried. This process lives in harmony with the natural rainfall and the surrounding environment.

We only extract what nature provides.

Grinder bottles have information printed directly on the glass so they can be kept clean and don’t need to be replaced.

Our new grinder heads have a ceramic mechanism for long lasting use. So far they have been tested up to 10 refills and they still grind smoothly.

RED COMERCIO SA - Eco Fry - SAVES on oil usage and electricity consumption

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Eco Fry assists in the longevity of cooking oil and reduces the user’s consumption of oil by a minimum of 30%. Most tests have indicated a savings of 50% as the oil lasts up to as much as double the time. The Eco Fry unit is a catalytic device, designed to function as a cooking oil conditioner and management process. Eco Fry enhances the oil’s heat conductivity, allowing faster cooking times at lower temperatures. Manufactured from food grade ceramic pellets containing various natural earth minerals among its components, our products conform to health standards as laid down by the EU and USA FDA. No chemicals or additives are used making it safe and Non-Toxic.

SIMO’S COFFEE - Single Serve Filter Coffee

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Minimise waste, clutter and mess. Delicious ground filter coffee in a bag. No machines, no sachets or tubes, no metal pods, no filters - just boiling water and a cup.

SWEET NOTHINGS - Safe & Healthy Alternative To Sugar & Sweeteners

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Xylitol has none of the negative side effects of some non-nutritive sweeteners but in fact promotes health. It is made from sugar cane bagasse or from maize cobs. It is a 5-carbon sugar polyol that is metabolised in the liver, supplying only 40% of the calories of sugar.

  • Found in fruit and vegetables like berries, cauliflower and mushrooms
  • Occurs naturally in the human body
  • The only sugar substitute recommended by Patrick Holford

TALBORNE ORGANICS - Certified Organic Fertilizers

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Do you aspire to excellence in your ornamental & edible gardens and lawns?

Talborne Organics is the trusted supplier of Certified Organic Fertilizers, Soil Conditioners and Garden Pest & Disease Solutions for PURE PERFORMANCE!

“The Talborne Organics family is guided by the belief that a Healthy Soil grows healthy Plants, which feed healthy Animals and People, thereby creating a healthy, safe and sustainable Environment for all to enjoy!”


  • VITA Organic Fertilizer 
  • BIOGROW Pest & Disease Control
  • FERTILIS Earthworm Castings


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At The Bamboo Project we sell 100% handmade, reusable and biodegradable bamboo straws which are chemical, varnish and toxin free. Our bamboo is sourced in Vietnam and is grown in panda-free zones, therefore the production processes do not endanger their habitat. Due to the perfect weather conditions in Vietnam, bamboo grows up to 1 meter in a single day! This makes bamboo drinking straws the perfect natural alternative to the dreaded single-use plastic straws that are not only polluting our environment but also killing our animals.

TIERHOEK ORGANIC - Certified Organic Products

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Certified organic products, extra fruit, reduced sugar jam and sulphur free dried fruit. No preservatives, additives. Biodegradable, compostable clear bags made from starch.


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Our products are manufactured from organic and plant based renewable materials such as bagasse, vegetable starches and wood cellulose. Eco-packaging doesn’t get better than this; it’s all 100% compostable, biodegradable and recyclable.

WYNNYA - “No-Toiletry-Litter”

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In a world where toxins and waste confront us around every corner, the Wynnya range of all-natural, alternative skin and health care products is a breath of fresh air. Carefully created by Monika Rowe, Wynnya offers a truly “green” approach to skin and environmental care. Wynnya created a Zero-Waste range for the hospitality sector, where “no-toiletry-litter” meets a natural alternative that supports skills development in its production. Shampoo, Soap and Body Butter bars are presented in a reusable linen bag, crafted by enthusiastic people at the development centre. Wynnya has also developed a natural approach to Mosquito and Insect repellents. These include a room diffuser in a petridish, which lasts for months. Beeswax candles with wooden wicks in a reusable Wick Jar, incense sticks to enjoy the outdoors, a spray and a roll-on to cover exposed skin from head to toe in a safe, natural and harmless way.