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BETTER EARTH - Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products

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Affordable cleaning products that have little or no effect on the environment, Better Earth products are kept simple whilst still being effective & free of ethoxylated ingredients, sulphated surfactants, parabens, animal products, colorants and synthetic fragrance! Endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty our products are never tested on animals. Products in our range have been finalists in the Fair Lady Best Buy Consumer Awards since 2010.


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Using cutting-edge bio-remediation technology, our products revolutionize green cleaning. Powerful organic compounds consisting of enzymes and microbes eat away at oily grime and turn them into water without the use of harmful toxins. Our cleaning solution is not only uncompromisingly dependable and safe, but also a formula that delivers the best in hygiene results.

BIOCHEM - Nu Eco Range

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Nu Eco was developed with a view to creating the greenest and most natural range of housekeeping products possible. Nu Eco guarantees 100% natural formulations that are fully bio-degradable. With powerful all-natural cleaning agents and anti-microbial oils, your dishes are clean, your surfaces sparkling, your washing bright, and your whole home smells fresh. Being fully bio-degradable and harmless to our precious watercourses, Nu Eco products feature a half-life of a couple of hours, meaning they are easily the most harmless household cleaning products available.

BIOCIDE SYSTEMS - Non-Toxic Odor Eliminator

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The Bio-Shocker Odor Eliminator from Biocide Systems is easy to use, simply shake, add water and walk away – requires no hazardous material or safety equipment. It is Non-Toxic & Eco-friendly, leaves no harmful residue to clean up and is non-carcinogenic. Non-aerosol and 100% biodegradable and releases no VOCs or carcinogens into our environment. It is also Cost-effective and Non-labour-intensive, reducing man-hours.

BLENDWELL CHEMICALS - Eco-Logic Awards Winner 2014

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Blendwell Chemicals brings you EnviroBlend – the first South African range of cleaning products to be awarded international certification from GreenTag. This range of eco-friendly products is powerful at the same time as being gentle on people, animals and the environment. All cleaners in this range are safe for septic tanks and are fully biodegradable. For your kitchens, canteens and food processing areas we have H-Range cleaning products to ensure optimum hygiene. The range is certified food safe and we will implement the systems for you.

DERMATANICAL - No Flush Toilet Bowl Spray

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Dermatanical No Flush Toilet Bowl Spray made from pure essential oils is environmentally friendly. Two sprays into the toilet bowl neutralises smells associated with the “mellow yellows” thus saving water by reducing the need to flush. There are no chemical or disinfectant smells, just the lingering smell of your essential oil choice. Ingredients: denatured alcohol, purified water and Vita Citrus or Rose essential oil.

DYNACHEM - Ecoway Ecocert/Ecolabel Green Cleaning Products

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Dynachem has partnered with French company HTS Bio in introducing a new eco range of cleaning and maintenance products. HTS BIO, research laboratory in environmental biotechnology, offers a complete and perfectly mastered solution. By using its own carefully selected bacterial strains (over 150 strains), HTS BIO completely controls production and masters technical and scientific approaches of all commercialized applications and processes. All these products are certified with EU Ecolabel or Ecocert accreditation. 

EARTH KIND - Non-toxic Cleaning Products

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Earth Kind is a company with a strong commitment to the environment. Our products are revolutionary, that it answers the need for safer, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use products. With the use of our products, your working environment will be bacteria free and cleaner. In addition, our produces helps to increase overall staff efficiency, reduce costly maintenance and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals and special handling procedures.

FANUTE - Ultra-low Water Washing Machines

Fanute is the Southern African distributor of the Hydrofinity range of ultra-low water industrial washing machines. These industrial machines use a proprietary polymer technology to reduce the water required to wash dirty linen, with thousands of small polymer beads (known as XOrbs) placed into the wash drum during the wash process. The XOrbs deliver a significant improvement in the environmental impact of laundry, with an 80% reduction in water usage and an over 90% reduction in electricity usage compared to standard industry machines, while providing superior cleaning results and improved fabric care. The Hydrofinity machines are available in two models: 36KG dry weight and 20KG dry weight. Data sheets are available on request.

G & R TRADERS - No-Squito Lotion and Spray

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No-Squito Lotion and Spray available in 150ml/125ml or the small branded bottles 30ml/50ml. A combination of Natural Plant Oils is the base with organic actives and Lemongrass Oil. The product is Organic, Natural, Bio-Degradable, Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic. Completely Safe ( Contains No Harmful Or Toxic Ingredients ) for children and adults to use. Can be sprayed/rubbed over the whole body from head to toe to chase away all those irritating and biting insects.  Can be used as often as required. Assists in the prevention of insect bites. Ingredients: Water, Coconut Oil, Neem Oil, Lemongrass, & Preservatives.

GEOCHEM - Green Certified Cleaning Products

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GeoChem's Green Certified range of cleaning products are environment friendly and offer the highest level of biodegradability. None of the products are carcinogenic, mutagenic, persistent, bioaccumulative or toxic and they have no endocrine disrupting properties. Geochem collects and accepts drum returns on all Geochem branded 25lt containers and they are in the process of converting all their 5lt and 25lt buckets from virgin materials to recycled black containers - a recycling system which is their commitment to the environment.

GREEN STATIONERY - Eco-Friendly Sanitiser And Cleaning Aids

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VIRUS GOBBLER is an enzyme-based, eco-friendly, alcohol-free sanitiser. It is locally manufactured and conforms to all international standards with an excellent 99.999% kill rate of enveloped viruses within 5 minutes. Besides being friendlier to the environment it is softer on the hands and not open to alcohol abuse.

  • Tested and approved to SANS 51276/EN 1276 log 5 disinfection standard
  • Non-toxic, non-volatile, non-corrosive
  • Long lasting residual skin protection
  • Locally manufactured sanitizer
  • Bio-degrades to water and carbon dioxide

GREEN WORX -  Green Tag Cleaning Solutions

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Green Worx Cleaning Solutions is the most eco certified, bio technology company manufacturing green cleaning products in Africa. We have been awarded the Global GreenTag certification on our products – GreenTag is recognised in more than 80 countries worldwide. Included in our credentials are ISO14001 Eco Certification, SABS 1828 Certification and we are a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa, accredited with a Green Star SA Existing Building Performance V1credits: EB-MAN-4: Green Cleaning Performance accreditation. 

HYCHEM - Biodegradable Cleaning Products

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Chrisal manufacture a range of products specific to Hychem's requirements, encompassing all surface cleaning for Housekeeping and Kitchen environments. This probiotic cleaning, PIP (Probiotics In Progress), is a revolution in durable cleaning and hygiene. It is the ideal solution to the lengthy use of chemical cleaning products and disinfectants – safe, environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.

HYGIVIT - Dry Steam Cleaning

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The "Dry Steam Cleaning" is a natural and ecologically harmless method of deep cleaning and sanitising as it removes harsh chemicals and toxicity resistance between the surface and dirtiness. The “Dry Steam Cleaning” services offered by HYGIvit is a complete floor to ceiling cleaning and hygiene sanitising process, without the need to move or dispose any materials and ready to be re-used within minutes.  This entails carpets, curtains, tile & parquet flooring, mattresses, upholstered furniture, kitchen deep cleaning, etc.


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The Crystal Aire Purifier is a non-chemical air purifying and revitalising process which assists in the elimination of bacteria, pet and tobacco odours. The air is cleaned, purified and revitalised by means of an aqua filter (the air is filtered through water) and the purifier concentrates are made from only natural ingredients. This process ensures that the air is cleaner after using these products with healthy emissions (no toxic emissions whatsoever). The Crystal Aire Purifier has low power usage and a low carbon footprint.

MILLICARE - Toxin-Free Carpet Cleaning

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Over 95% less water and over 80% less electricity used per clean.  Zero effluent down the drain.  Dramatically extended carpet life, reduction to landfill sites.

More than 85% reductions in mould, dust mite, bacteria in breathing zone. Seal of Approval from Carpet & Rug Institute, Woolsafe indoor quality test approval.   GreenSeal certified.

OPTIMUSBIO - Global Green Tag Certified Products

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OptimusBio locally manufactures biodegradable and biologically active cleaning and waste treatments products for people well-being and environmental sustainability. We are the only Level 1 BBBEE company that is Global Green Tag certified with a product range that covers household and intuitional cleaning, personal care, waste and water treatment, automotive cleaning, and heavy industry applications. With us as your partner, you are assured of cutting-edge technology at affordable value, while contributing towards a sustainable planet and supporting local economic growth.  

OZONE SOLUTIONS - Airzone air purifiers

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Airzone Wall or desk mounted air purifiers using ozone and Ultraviolet ( UV) to combat smells, freshen up areas and ensure microorganism free air for clients and staff to breathe. Of particular interest in refuse/garbage areas, high traffic areas such as reception and obvious areas such as toilets and smoking areas.

PESCATECH - Vikan ErgoClean Micro Fibre Mop System

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Consists of ergonomic handle, mop plate, micro fibre mop cloth - reduces water & chemical consumption by up to 65% = less chemical run off into the environment and minimised water consumption. Clean 300m2 with only 1.5L of water. 500 uses 500 washes.

RENTOKIL - Target-Specific Pest Control

Rentokil has two products (a cockroach gel and a termidicide) on their Approved Product List which guarantees to be 100% target–specific. They will kill only the intended pest, with no effect on any other animal, insect or the environment. Their Luminos Fly range is also completely green as it emits no harmful gasses and encapsulates the flies in a sticky plastic.


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Safeguard’s enzyme and green cleaning products are based on stringent requirements of the Heritage Environmental program and where applicable carry the coveted Eco-Choice label. This guarantees that our products are of the highest international standards while having no negative impact on environment. Safeguard Hygiene and Safety’s bio-enzyme and green cleaning products are based on local South African bacterial strains which gives them a massive home grown performance advantage.

SMART ASH - Clean & Green

Smart Ash has been established to produce, deploy and service an innovative product that will have a positive impact on your environment.

SOLUCARE - Soluble Sachet System

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Our products contain no Phosphates or Chlorine. Our products are biodegradable and you will have a lower carbon foot print.
By using our products you will save:
96%  on Transport
96%  on Storage space
98%  on Waste material
As our product a range is in powder form in a water-soluble sachet.


The (Microbiological) MB-Active Cleaner is the perfect accompaniment to URIMAT Waterless Urinals. It not only prevents bad odour from developing, it also contains special biological ingredients which gently treat the bowl’s surface.  By using a waterless urinal your problem with urine-scale will reduce dramatically & with the MB-Active Cleaner you will also prevent the waste pipes becoming encrusted with organic matter. The MB-Active Cleaner with Kalkex removes food sources other bacteria need and eliminates small residues of soap, calk, shampoo, etc. , making the MB–Active Cleaner even more efficient for bathrooms, walls and floors.


The OZONE - UVO GENERATOR is a safe simple and effective way of eliminating odours and sanitising any Hospitality environment. Treatment for typical residual odours from tobacco, body odour, perfume and food.  Ozone is also used to disinfect air in cold storage rooms and effective for controlling odours and bacteria. OZONATED SWIMMING POOLS - Ozone replaces chlorine in a swimming pool and will reduce the chemical consumption by 90%. Ozone is highly effective at keeping the water clear. Imagine swimming in a crystal clear pool with virtually NO chemicals.

TRIPLE ORANGE - 100% Orange Oil Based cleaning products

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Triple Orange products are made from the oil extracted from the peel of the orange. Formulation is designed to make quick work of cutting through dirt, grease and residue build up, leaving nothing behind but a pleasant and refreshing smell. They are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic. Triple Orange concentrates can be diluted with water and are capable of handling the toughest industrial cleaning tasks. We strive to make a difference by saving natural resources, reducing pollution and keeping toxic chemicals out of the environment.

YEMVELO HYGIENE - Covid-19 Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

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By constantly sanitising and disinfecting, we inadvertently create a food source for pathogen regrowth in a now unchallenged environment where they grow back faster than before. With biotechnology, good bacteria rapidly search for food and space, and quickly starve the pathogens of their food source – this is known as competitive exclusion. The pathogens die and cannot build up immunity to this process. Biotechnology keeps working for hours or days after application ensuring a cleaner, safer and more productive environment. Efficacy improves with continued use. Our COVID-19 Essentials include: 50 Gobbler™ cleaner and sanitiser; Virus Gobbler™ disinfectant; Probiotic hand & body wash; Viru-Guard 80 hand sanitiser.

YEMVELO HYGIENE - Reasonably Priced, High Performance, Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

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Bio-enzyme and eco-chemical technology has been proven to cost less than traditional chemical products, while obtaining a higher level of cleanliness and hygiene. By using beneficial enzyme-producing micro-organisms, virtually any organic build up can be far more effectively cleaned, bio-degraded and removed than with traditional harmful chemicals. Organic build up is permanently broken down into carbon dioxide and water - safe for the water reticulation system. Eco-Choice Africa has certified our enzyme-based products as environmentally responsible. Yemvelo Hygiene only distributes cleaning agents produced in South Africa. Local manufacturing means products that perform better in our local conditions, job creation and almost no carbon footprint.