VIRTUAL WORKSHOP - "Opening up after Lockdown" for Tourism Operators

Lorraine will soon be running a workshop for the buyers, tour operators, caterers, owners and managers of destinations, venues, accommodations.

Following the feedback we get and her research into international opinions and trends, she will address repurposing and refurbishing, using new technologies, digital apps, smartphone functions, health, safety, minimising physical touch-points, foods, state-of-the art space sanitizers and more.

Hospitality providers are already 90% compliant - expertly equipped - with most facilities like controlled entry and exit points, strict cleaning regimes, centrally linked communication systems, spacious conference and meeting rooms, sanitised kitchens and well-ordered waste management.

We are 90% there. During the workshop we will share thoughts and experiences to help us meet and exceed maximum protocol requirements.

Details to follow soon.


The Organic & Natural B2B Virtual Expo is designed as a trade only virtual event to enable the sharing of information required to drive the industry forward. By connecting farmers, producers, suppliers and retailers in the organic space, mechanisms can be put in place to ensure not only the survival of, but the growth of an industry that is essential for a sustainable future and food security.

Dates: 29th and 30th September
Time: 9am to 5pm
Registration cost: FREE

To register, attend or exhibit, contact us at or