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BEYOND THE BEAN - Socially Responsible Coffee

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Caffé Cuidado from Beyond the Bean is blended from 75% Rainforest Alliance coffees together with other top quality beans. The word "Cuidado" is Spanish for "care" and it reflects the aims of the Rainforest Alliance in conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour. The Rainforest Alliance believes that the key to ensuring long and healthy lives for people, for wildlife and for the planet is by establishing sustainable ways of working the land.


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Chocolate Time products are freshly made to order, locally usually the best ingredients, handmade and hand wrapped. Included in our range are sugar free & carob chocolates. Chocolate Time is currently putting together an organic chocolate range and uses minimal and biodegradable packaging where possible.

DILMAH TEA - Community & Environmentally Responsible Tea

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Dilmah is the first producer owned tea brand in the world; handpicked, perfected and packed at source. A pledge made in the 1950s, ensures a business that is genuinely ethical; the success shared with workers and the community through the MJF Charitable Foundation which touches the lives of over 10,000 underprivileged people each year. Dilmah Conservation is helping to protect our precious environment whilst promoting sustainability.

G & R TRADERS - No-Squito Lotion and Spray

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No-Squito Lotion and Spray available in 150ml/125ml or the small branded bottles 30ml/50ml. A combination of Natural Plant Oils is the base with organic actives and Lemongrass Oil. The product is Organic, Natural, Bio-Degradable, Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic. Completely Safe ( Contains No Harmful Or Toxic Ingredients ) for children and adults to use. Can be sprayed/rubbed over the whole body from head to toe to chase away all those irritating and biting insects.  Can be used as often as required. Assists in the prevention of insect bites. Ingredients: Water, Coconut Oil, Neem Oil, Lemongrass, & Preservatives.

GO ORGANIC - Organic Directory

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The purpose of is to educate and increase the acceptance of organic methods in South Africa and facilitate trade between makers, sellers and users of organic products. They supply and trade in all mainstream and niche market certified organic and natural products, including: fruit, vegetables, herbs, wine, flowers, essential oils, food flavourants, dairy, fish, mushrooms, traditional medicines, health and beauty, maize, wheat, grain, corn, soya, input products e.g. composts, pest control, feeds.


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All our shoes are as eco-friendly as possible. We use REAL FULL-GRAIN leather. We are one of the few manufacturers in the country using leather insoles rather than the industry board. This allows the shoes to be re-soled over and over again (which many of our customers do). We recycle as much of our materials as possible, returning rubber off-cuts and crepe to be ground down as well as having bins outside the shop so people can help themselves to our leather off-cuts.


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Hemp Oil contains rich nourishment and is recognised by medical science as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Taken internally this naturally healing oil reduces cholesterol, high blood pressure and the symptoms of diabetes II, cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid/osteo-arthritis. The essential hemp nutrition obtained from this amazing oil can reduce the pain and stiffness of arthritic joints and significantly increase mobility.


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We are not certified organic but we practice very good farming methods using insect traps for example and minimal sprays, all of which conform to the EU regulations. Also our fruit is regularly tested for the Minimum Residue Level (MRL test).

Fruit that cannot be grown here (redcurrants, blackcurrants, cranberries etc) is imported from the EU or Chile - not China via a European front company!


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100% South African pure Bushveld honey, not irradiated or heated in 8g sachets, which give the restaurant/coffee shop owner complete control over how much the customer uses. Looks more professional & is more hygienic than a squeeze bottle. Eliminates waste. Saves on consumable operating costs.

ISP - Organic Mighty Leaf Tea

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The world’s finest whole leaf teas, herbs, fruits and flavour, too big for ordinary tea bags!  An exclusive large range of premium teas which contribute to creative menus designed to synergistically interact with your concepts. Signature whole leaf blends are wrapped in sensually handcrafted, hand stitched silken and translucent pouches. The Mighty Leaf presentation is beautifully styled in a number of options.

MANTELLI’S - Handmade Biscuits

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Biscuits are green and eco-friendly. They use natural and premium ingredients. They do not add artificial colourants. Their biscuits are handmade, using less electricity; ingredients are locally sourced, utilising less transport and ovens are electric as opposed to diesel. They use recycled packaging.

MIKO PURO - Fairtrade Coffee Products

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Miko Puro have promised that for Every Kilo of Puro sold, Puro gives "from its own margin" R15.00 to Fairtrade and R3.00 to the Rainforest Fund with the World Land Trust.

Every Kilo they sell saves an ACRE of rainforest and every cup their customer serves saves a tree. 1355 acres of rainforest have been saved so far. They offer a complete range of coffee and tea products and equipment.


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Milestone Kitchens use wood from sustainable forests. Their paints are all water based. 90% of the products they use in their manufacturing process is purposely sourced from SA and they only use SA labour. No harmful or toxic varnishes are used on any products.

ORYX DESERT SALT - Sustainable & Renewable

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The underground streams converge and replenish an ancient underground lake of 55million tons from which the salt water is pumped, laid on the pan under the hot Kalahari sun and sun-dried. This process lives in harmony with the natural rainfall and the surrounding environment.

We only extract what nature provides.

Grinder bottles have information printed directly on the glass so they can be kept clean and don’t need to be replaced.

Our new grinder heads have a ceramic mechanism for long lasting use. So far they have been tested up to 10 refills and they still grind smoothly.

SIMO’S COFFEE - Single Serve Filter Coffee

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Minimise waste, clutter and mess. Delicious ground filter coffee in a bag. No machines, no sachets or tubes, no metal pods, no filters - just boiling water and a cup.

SWEET NOTHINGS - Safe & Healthy Alternative To Sugar & Sweeteners

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Xylitol has none of the negative side effects of some non-nutritive sweeteners but in fact promotes health. It is made from sugar cane bagasse or from maize cobs. It is a 5-carbon sugar polyol that is metabolised in the liver, supplying only 40% of the calories of sugar.

  • Found in fruit and vegetables like berries, cauliflower and mushrooms
  • Occurs naturally in the human body
  • The only sugar substitute recommended by Patrick Holford

Talborne Organics

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Do you aspire to excellence in your ornamental & edible gardens and lawns?

Talborne Organics is the trusted supplier of Certified Organic Fertilizers, Soil Conditioners and Garden Pest & Disease Solutions for PURE PERFORMANCE!

“The Talborne Organics family is guided by the belief that a Healthy Soil grows healthy Plants, which feed healthy Animals and People, thereby creating a healthy, safe and sustainable Environment for all to enjoy!”


  • VITA Organic Fertilizer 
  • BIOGROW Pest & Disease Control
  • FERTILIS Earthworm Castings

TIERHOEK ORGANIC - Certified Organic Products

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Certified organic products, extra fruit, reduced sugar jam and sulphur free dried fruit. No preservatives, additives. Biodegradable, compostable clear bags made from starch.


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Our products are manufactured from organic and plant based renewable materials such as bagasse, vegetable starches and wood cellulose. Eco-packaging doesn’t get better than this; it’s all 100% compostable, biodegradable and recyclable.

VERTICAL VEG - Fresh Organic Food

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Vertical gardening ticks all the boxes that define eco-friendliness and environmental awareness. We bring nature back into the urban jungle with vertical panels of herbs and other vegetable produce. Fresh, seasonally grown food is organic and pesticide-free, and has zero carbon miles.

The fabric of the panels is hardy and durable and has a natural felt texture. Plants are grown in a light soil mixture and water wastage is kept to a minimum with the use of a drip irrigation system.