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Earth Kind - Anolyte (Ecolyte)  a reliable and internationally certified disinfectant

Anolyte (Ecolyte) It is the product of a patented Electro Chemical Activation process that mimics the chemistry of the human body’s defence system. The key ingredient to Anolyte Water‘s advanced disinfection power is the compound Hypochlorous acid which is the same acid our body generates in response to infection.

Hygiene for all areas in healthcare, household, restroom facilities, Industry, nursing, elderly and infant care. ANOLYTE is a unique disinfection product that optimally meets all requirements. ANOLYTE uses little energy and guarantees the best environmentally friendly biocide.

One of the most important applications of ANOLYTE is the reduction of germs. ANOLYTE is about 10 times stronger than chlorine dioxide and is much gentler in comparison to conventional disinfectants.

Pricing of Anolyte (500ppm)

1      -    100Lt           R27.91/Lt

100  -    300Lt           R24.91/Lt

300  -    1000Lt         R19.81/Lt